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Fairfax Africa (FFXXF)

Just last month, Fairfax IPO’d a subsidiary under the ticker FFXXF called Fairfax Africa. It did not garner as much interest as they hoped and trades very, very thinly so far. Has anyone looked into this company so far? It looks like they have a few small investments so far, but considering who’s behind it […]

Agora, Inc prediction of near-term doom

There’s a long video here intended to strike fear in the hearts of all and turn your smile upside-down: http://pros.bonnerandpartners.com/1606BBLFALLDWN19/PBBLS802?_ga=1.204162128.1943473043.1475526018&h=true I found this from the following story, and the clues are pretty vague: http://moneywise411.com/baltimore-firm-has-scary-record-of-predicting-world-events-4/?ppc=538735&utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral ”Recently, the reclusive head of this group—a millionaire economist, author, and father of six—released a shocking new prediction… and it’s a […]

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On Friday File: Panic! ... or maybe Don't Panic!
Interesting about BRK and the S&P 500 actually performing pretty closely these last five years. BRK itself has been in the Top 5 of the S&P 500 for at least a couple years now. There's a significant gap between BRK and the next largest company (AMZN) right[...]
On Friday File: More Pot Sermonizing, a Portfolio Update, and some Hedging
About charts being chosen to get a reaction, it cracks me up how the WSJ never uses a log chart on the front page when they print graphs of historical performance. It's an obvious example of how the mass media wants to draw a emotional reactions from us in[...]
On Friday File: Buying Risk and Safety
Who is it? SBUX always has a lot of competition -- coffee shops are a dime a dozen. Excellent management is the rare quality.[...]
On Friday File: Stop Losses and Big Quarters
I think new investors can learn a lot from learning how Zack's (and similar ratings firms) generate their ratings, and an investor could probably do well using them as a preliminary filter. If nothing else, you might avoid some costly mistakes, and that al[...]
On Friday File: Turmoil in Tech-Land, earningspalooza continues, plus some small buys and a couple new watchlist stocks
Is anyone else here watching Focus Financial (FOCS)? IPO'd this past week. My understanding is they're the only publicly traded pure play in the independent wealth management/RIA space. Looks fully valued although probably still in the upper end of a fair [...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
Must be Abbvie (ABBV). They want to tender $7.5B worth of their own stock. Sure makes me curious about buying, although how it's funded and management's reputation for capital allocation are worth researching.[...]
On Revealed: "Motley Fool's Triple Buy Alert Looks a Lot Like Berkshire in 1992"
Exactly what I told them many years ago when they switched to this clickbait marketing style (before clickbait was a term). They figure themselves to be a sheep in a wolf in sheep's clothing. They're definitely one of the most reputable newsletters out the[...]
On Looking Out for Your Own Wellbeing
During my last dental appointment, it occurred to me that I am guilty of paying lip service to the advice just like many (or most) people pay lip service to good financial advice. As someone aiming to be a financial planner someday, how would I expect my f[...]
On Friday File, Part One: Fairfax, Columbia, IIPR and some Random Thoughts
Individual investors only need enough volume to support our own trades. Fund managers don't have this luxury ;)[...]
On Friday File: Another Netflix Wanna-be, plus BOMN and NVDA updates
I've had trouble putting my finger on what bothers me about $BOMN. It just occurred to me that reading their Annual Report feels like watching the Disney produced "Star Wars" movies. They're good and they're worth reading/watching, but this is 2018 and Buf[...]
On Friday File: Buying ID and Overpaying for cash, Checking up on some insurers
Lawsuits are a pretty regular occurrence, especially from "boutique" firms who are out to be the next Rainmaker (or just make a few bucks from a settlement). I can't imagine how there can be any merit to this one considering all the risks to SPAC investing[...]
On Friday File: Buying ID and Overpaying for cash, Checking up on some insurers
Indirectly related to $BOMN: Netflix offering more than $300 million for billboard company https://www.reuters.com/article/us-regencyoutdoor-m-a-netflix/netflix-offering-more-than-300-million-for-billboard-company-sources-idUSKCN1HD1FK[...]
On Whither Facebook?
I put in a buy limit at $154. Got a small amount of amusement at the possibility that I might end up buying Travis' shares ;)[...]
On Friday File: Royalties, Scams, Buffett, and Gold
Thanks for sharing the ShareSleuth article. I actually skimmed past it the first time, but read it after Mary pointed it out. My skeptical side has long wondered about Seeking Alpha writers who just regurgitate a bunch of data that usually comes from IR p[...]
On Friday File: Lessons for a Volatile Week (plus two buys)
I have owned GE in the past and bought it ~$20 and $17. I'm holding it. At the time I first bought, I considered KSS and KR on their dips, but chose GE. Should have stuck with the companies where I spend money, but forgot that simple Peter Lynch lesson! [...]
On Friday File: Lessons for a Volatile Week (plus two buys)
Just to speak for myself - if BRK is down any substantial amount (say 5% or more) on the news of Buffett or Munger's deaths, that's a buy in my book. Pretty likely that every active manager in the world will pounce and bid it right back up![...]
On Friday File pt. 2: Annual Review continues
My regular barber shop quit taking credit cards altogether. I do see Square around decently often. Once they even sent me a coupon to come back to the same merchant, which is a nice value add. But I also see a lot of competitors, so it's tough to judge the[...]
On Friday File: Bitcoin, Volatile Week, Two Sells and a Buy
By not doing it. That's like the reverse of catching a falling knife. I simply place limit buys around $10-12K and sells around $18-20K and capture the difference. Also keeping something less than 1% of my net worth in it.[...]
On Friday File: Blockchain Week ends, Two Buys, One Sell and some portfolio thoughts
As you hinted at, the boring established players will likely be the winners in blockchain tech. My pick is Visa (V). I own it. A lot of obscure names get throw out there, but the thing is Bitcoin/blockchain is not sneaking up on anyone. All the smart money[...]
On Friday File: Gold, Shop and China
Travis, you're not going to sell a lot of memberships with reasonable opinions about Bitcoin ;)[...]

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