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Oct. 05/14: The latest Stansberry teaser

I received the Stansberry article titled ’The Surprising Reason Why Hillary Clinton Could Go Down As One Of The Best Presidents In U.S. History’. In that Stansberry is teasing 5 oil companies as follows: ’One thing I believe you absolutely must do is own what I know to be the five (5) best tight oil […]

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On "Zero Line Crisis" and "The Defense Contractor with the Graphene Breakthrough that Will Prevent a Nuclear War"
And the numbers. Where do they get this precise number of 468%? Not 450, not 460 or nearly 500. It has to be 468. They want to convey the feeling that they do such a great job that the outcome can be predicted just one digit above the decimal point. It cr[...]
On Microblog: Sleep: Getting Enough When We Need It
Steve, I have exactly the same problem in every aspect as you described. I would be interested to hear about your progress if you decide on the time released melatonin. My only concerns in that melatonin is a hormone, so you are having some hormone treat[...]
On "Real Gasoline Created Without Using Oil -- Three Times Cheaper, $0.58 a Gallon"
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was found in the past fudging scientific data in order to prove their points regarding climate change. A large number of scientists all over the world now demonstrated that indeed the climate changes (as[...]
On "The Second Coming... Documented Miracle Happening in 32 States"
I paid Kent Moors for his Energy Advantage advisory $199.99 for one year. Where did you get the $49.00? If this is the case I cancel, get my $199.99 back and buy his $49.99 advisory. Please advise. Steve[...]
On "The Second Coming... Documented Miracle Happening in 32 States"
Yes, indeed. I am an electrical engineer with 22 years with IBM Canada plus 10 years in Washington State, USA for several smaller companies. Indeed capacitors need to be charged in order to have and hold energy. They are what we call passive elements. They[...]
On "One Device to End All Disease ... And It Costs Less Than $50"
Let's not bring politics into this conversation and just stick to the knitting. Steve[...]
On "One Device to End All Disease ... And It Costs Less Than $50"
I agree with you wholeheartedly. We have direct email why did he not use it?[...]

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