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On Microblog: STeve Sjuggerud‘s melt-up event
Stansberry and Sjuggerud have been touting the "melt up" since at least Q4 2015. It's a recycled pitch. It might be right, but I think you'll want to sell the rips unless there is a trade deal and/or the Fed backs off. That said, I've been buying QQQ and o[...]
On OilPrice say "This $10 Stock Will Unleash the Greatest Leap in the History of Energy..."
I can confirm it's 8point3. is giving the report away now without obligation if you're on their email list. Junk report. CAFD got bought out cheap. The perovskite have some potential. See PopularMechanics:[...]
On Sjuggerud's "The Global Currency Event of the Decade is fast approaching..." pitch
Here's some important reading to do with regards to this: MSCI Shuns Most of China's $7 Trillion Market in Index Proposal Here's a link [...]
On OilPrice say "This $10 Stock Will Unleash the Greatest Leap in the History of Energy..."
CAFD is a core holding for me. I rec'd it to my Twitter followers as a free stock pick f the month. This "Yield Co" has very good financials and is undervalued due to solar correction and I think aftermath of SunEdison Yield Co implosions. I put current f[...]
On Microblog: What's Motley Fool Teasing with "Tier Zero"
The nine stocks are broken into three groups: Smart World Stocks: Alphabet, Biadu and Facebook Smart Data Stocks: Splunk, Palo Alto, Zillow Smart Device Stocks: Tesla, NXP Semiconductor, Skyworks Solutions I've done a thorough analysis to Tesla and t[...]
On Is September 30 really "D-Day for the U.S. Dollar" as Jim Rickards is Warning?
Great post Herbalix[...]
On Is September 30 really "D-Day for the U.S. Dollar" as Jim Rickards is Warning?
I have read all of Rickards books. He's a good analyst, but more than anything he's a self-promoter who in my opinion has something very wrong. He believes the dollar will collapse imminently. He's believed that a while now. As I've published in MarketW[...]
On Short Selling Pitfalls and Ideas from Whitney Tilson
The Exact (EXAS) short was a terrible idea by Tilson. Fundamentally he simply didn't understand the company, the problem or the solution. I've been long the company since 2008 and written about it on MarketWatch more than once:[...]
On Microblog: Cologuard by Exact Sciences
So, here's what a good analysis of EXAS looks like: Exact Sciences Cologuard test will take over the FIT market (remember, it includes an FIT) about as fast as FIT took over[...]
On Westport Says "Next Year!" ... AGAIN
Go watch baseball now though.[...]
On Westport Says "Next Year!" ... AGAIN
Take another look. The model has massively changed. The math really stacks up well as a supplier to OEMs. Allows OEMs to cut R&D expenses by working with Westport. Old management was arrogant thinking they'd displace existing manufacturers.[...]
On Westport Says "Next Year!" ... AGAIN
Travis, unfortunately you're wrong again on Westport. It's understandable given the history of a bad business model and burning investors. However, the company really started becoming compelling this year as they move from being a manufacturer of engines t[...]
On "Is this really the No. 1 stock pick across the entire Motley Fool universe?"
no edit function, hit sent too quick, they spent an enormous amount on the hq. They should have put their silicon valley attitude on a shelf and built in Sacramento where they could have spent a third of what they did. Getting staff would have been no prob[...]
On "Is this really the No. 1 stock pick across the entire Motley Fool universe?"
Linked in has a few problems that are going to be difficult to overcome. I have researched LinkedIn extensively. From what I can tell the company has some monumental problems and some problems. Here's two that are easy to understand. First is that they ar[...]
Good analysis. If anybody wants to speculate on heavy to light tech, look at Ivanhoe Energy (IVAN), they have a real tech and real assets. Still might go BK, but they have a shot. Spec money only.[...]
On "This 68-year-old Disruptive Energy Technology Could Mark the End of OPEC as we Know it."
Very good article.[...]
On Microblog: Natural Gas Price Trends?
Matt Energy is sort of my thing. So are options. Have you considered using a cash-secured put selling strategy? If you are not familiar, visit the CBOE website on the strategy. With natural gas prices likely to very slowly drift upward due to rig counts [...]
On The "Absolute Black" Solar Stock is ...
If you want solar, concentrate on EPC companies - Engineering, Procurement and Construction. Panels will be commoditized for a long time, maybe forever. Even breakthroughs are incremental, not transformational. I like WFR, FSLR and SPWR on dips. Selling $4[...]
On Microblog: Selling GOOG and buying VXX
I like that move a lot. However, I like selling some GOOG to buy AAPL instead. Vix is a tough trade with the Fed in the game so heavily. Whose to say that constant printing of money doesn't hold volatility down for years? Don't fight the Fed. The markets c[...]
On What are the "Top Ten Stocks for 2013?" (StreetAuthority)
10th company appears to be Kimberly Clark.[...]

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