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On What's "Britain's Invisible Dynamo" Being Teased by Motley Fool?
Travis - Your lead-in reminded me of an old tongue-twister. Seems this British granny loved to watch workmen at their trade and was watching a crew wrapping a thin metal foil around some pipe they were installing. Says our Granny: "Oh, my, are you tinnin[...]
On Microblog: What’s behind the deep dark plot to keep miracle cures concealed from the public?
I'm a physician who took statins for about 12 years. The side effects were substantial and I am recovering. Slowly. Never again. Take a look at As to the alpha-lipoic acid, I prescribe it a couple of times a year for diabetic neuropathy a[...]
On "The Next Big Thing: 3 Penny Stocks You Must Buy Now!"
With respect, and he would admit it himself, Steve Jobs was not "Management" material. Inspiration, genius, and relentless pursuer of dreams, yes. VERY hard to find those kinds of bright lights.[...]

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