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Now that my year’s trial has about expired, I thought I should share with readers that the Wealth Press service called Profit Trends Rotation has gone flat. The premise is that you invest a flat amount of money (say, $5000) into a mix of 2-3 stocks in the proportion they recommend. (Recent common spread is […]

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On Microblog: Any thoughts on Chuck Hughes / Tradewins?

I subscribed to Hughes Optioneering from late Jan 2018 to mid-Oct. I'm told this was not his standard expensive service. (It was an affordable $39 per month for 4 recs per week), and when you call their help line, most of the folks don't know anything abou[...]

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On Tom Gentile's Money Calendar

Chuck offers a far more affordable service, called Hughes Optioneering. They provide 4 recs for bullish call option spreads each Sunday, selecting stocks that have been in a strong uptrend for several months but recently had a small downturn creating a "bu[...]

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On Lightning Trend Trader

I joined Lightning Trend Trader in January, and have received 10 recommendations - 6 winners, 4 losers. It's still uncertain how this will work out as Marc lets the winners ride on the stock side, and I wasn't tracking the options. (A mistake, as those rea[...]

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On Seismic Profits Alert

I'm a sucker for all these advisory services - haven't found one that works well yet. Seismic uses options, selecting stocks that Chris Johnson thinks will get a larger than normal pop (up or down) with the earnings announcements. I joined Seismic because [...]

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On Microblog: 26(f) Program

You can read the sales pitch at http://www.topstocksforum.com/26-f-government-program.html. It sounds like the coming blackout refers to the new fiduciary standard for investment advisors, while the 26(f) program might be referring to discounted-price and/[...]

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