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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Travis Johnson is an individual investor who founded Stock Gumshoe in 2007 as a way to air his dissections of overhyped marketing pitches... and to share the "secret" stocks that stock newsletters hype to get your attention and your subscription dollars. His thinking? If you already know what the "secret" stock is, you can make a much more reasonable and thoughtful decision about whether or not to commit to an expensive newsletter subscription. (And if you don't pay for the info, you'll be more free to think for yourself about whether or not the investment is worth your money.) In his charmed life he has been, among other things, a university faculty member, a fundraiser, a writer, and a world-champion ice-cream scooper. Now he runs Stock Gumshoe for you, allowing us all to discuss and dissect the latest overheated stock ideas... as well as review and talk about investment newsletters and enjoy the commentary and opinions of Stock Gumshoe's other special contributors and the discussion with our unusually attractive, erudite and polite readers. He lives with Mrs. Gumshoe and all their little Gumshoes in the wilds of Western Massachusetts.

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Friday File: Panic! … or maybe Don’t Panic!

If you’re wondering whether it’s interest rates or just “worry about overvaluation or growth” that’s making the stock market go crazy this week, or whether it’s the trade war or political upheaval or something else, well, join the club. There’s some indication that traders are in fear of the “slowdown” that could be caused by […]

Amplified Income

Newsletter says that it “cuts through the noise to bring you lucrative opportunities no matter what the market is doing” and has some sort of “audio-based investment indicator” that recommends alternative growth and income investments. Includes using options to “amplify” returns.

What’s Casey’s “The New Ethereum?”

We haven’t seen much in the way of brand-new cryptocurrency newsletters in the past few months… which is probably understandable, since so many of the hot ideas that the early opportunistic newsletters had us salivating over in December and January lost 90% or more of their value when the air suddenly floofed out of the […]

“Kings of Canadian Cannabis” — Michael Robinson’s “$2,000,000 By This Time Next Year” Marijuana Teaser

Michael Robinson runs the technology/venture newsletters for Money Map Press, and he’s out with yet another marijuana promo — after all, any newsletter that doesn’t jump on board the marijuana stock rocket is deemed pretty much irrelevant these days, just like any newsletter without a “crypto expert” was ignored in January. So yes, now Michael […]

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On Friday File: Panic! ... or maybe Don't Panic!
Thanks daniel![...]
On Friday File: Panic! ... or maybe Don't Panic!
I think Berkshire is an easy buy around $200 for the long term (years), but it could easily fall below that if the market drops meaningfully from here. Fairfax India is a compelling play on India, given their financial and infrastructure assets, but t[...]
On Friday File: Panic! ... or maybe Don't Panic!
I don’t sync, just watch it manually.[...]
On Solving the "Forget SpaceX, Buy This" teaser pitch about the "Billionaires Space Race"
They usually release a new "10 stocks for the year" report each winter, don't think I've covered a teased list like that this year or seen any hints on them recently. They've also been manufacturing "best of the best" recommendations by pulling from vario[...]
On "Motley Fool's 'Double Play' Buy Alert on Recent IPO"
Disclosures don't indicate that the Fool recommends or owns ROKU as of this week. I don't think I've ever seen them tease that particular stock.[...]
On What's "Tom Gardner's favorite marijuana stock?"
Maybe... but how's it gonna taste?[...]
On What are "Trump Bonus Checks?"
Did you read the article? Take a minute. Of course they're not real in the way they're selling, they're just dividends. There is no such thing as free money, but hope and the belief in the printed word convinces people of things they wouldn't believe [...]
On Microblog: Scandium, Cobalt, and Water Purification: Clean Teq Holdings,Volume 2, 2018
I suspect this is connected to our recent hardware swap-out, which caused a few login problems for some readers. It should be fixed now, though cached files might still interfere with logins (clearing the cache/temporary internet files might fix that, tho[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
The market cap for Hon Hai/Foxconn has been very close to 1/4 of annual revenue for most of the past seven years -- they do have a strong revenue base thanks to their strong and growing relationships with major consumer electronics brands who outsource ass[...]
On Microblog: Energy, oil and speculation 2018/2019
The Trumps seem to be pretty closely connected to the Saudi ruling family, not so different than the Bushes in that regard (though it's a less "friendly" arm of the Saudi family now in power, perhaps). President Trump has spoken about the necessity of sel[...]
On Microblog: JAMES ALTUCHER "Turn Ordinary Coal into Gold"
The stock markets have stayed open for lots of civil unrest and war in the past, but they have also closed sometimes. I expect the markets to be less likely to close in a crisis than they were in the past (the NYSE closed for four months at the beginning [...]
On The Clock Is Ticking For "America's Most Hated Company"
That's a term popularized by Ray Blanco's ad copywriters -- some satellite stocks have done incredibly this year, mostly Intelsat in a wild six-month move, but not so much in that particular LEO area. I've updated my story about that ad a few times (i[...]
On Profits Unlimited's "$7 Tech Stock" and the "strange industry expected to surge 8,000%"
Yep, the story has changed. I still don’t own STM.[...]
On Microblog: The "Pfizer of Weed?!?
That’s one of Jimmy Mengel’s recent teases, most of it is a rehash of previous pitches but that new addition of the “Pfizer of Weed” is almost certainly Emblem Corp (EMC.V, EMMBF)… the “hook” to the story is that one of the folks behind OxyC[...]
On Leeb says, "At $2 a Share, Our Hero Company is an Absolute Steal Right Now"
Did you read the article above? We conclude that the stock Leeb is teasing is Trilogy (TMQ).[...]
On Top "Liberty Vouchers" Teased for "Relentless Income"
Depends on the stock you choose -- the average yield for REITs is 4-5%, the average for other "blue chip" type stocks is around 2.5% ... so you'd have to invest something between 20-40X the amount you'd like to receive in annual income. If you think $500 [...]
On Ray Blanco's "Halo-Fi" -- What's his teased "Death to Cable" stock?
Seriously? You don't believe that satellites or space exist?[...]
On What's "Tom Gardner's favorite marijuana stock?"
That’s a big part of the valuation challenge — no one quite knows what sales will be, or how much will be exported or used in value-added stuff (edibles, beverages, etc), but capacity has been ramped up dramatically to meet the expected immediate surge[...]
On What's "Tom Gardner's favorite marijuana stock?"
Any bad news that causes a stock price drop brings out the press releases seeking to build a "class" of investors so that lawyers can get a lawsuit filed and try to form a class action, which generates fantastic legal fees if they win or settle. Lots of l[...]
On What's "Tom Gardner's favorite marijuana stock?"
Thanks, feedback always appreciated — it doesn’t have to be negative :) I do have a lot of respect for the Gardner brothers and their basic services like Stock Advisor, which are inexpensive and have plenty of fans in our readership and have built u[...]

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