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Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe
Travis Johnson is an individual investor who founded Stock Gumshoe in 2007 as a way to air his dissections of overhyped marketing pitches... and to share the "secret" stocks that stock newsletters hype to get your attention and your subscription dollars. His thinking? If you already know what the "secret" stock is, you can make a much more reasonable and thoughtful decision about whether or not to commit to an expensive newsletter subscription. (And if you don't pay for the info, you'll be more free to think for yourself about whether or not the investment is worth your money.) In his charmed life he has been, among other things, a university faculty member, a fundraiser, a writer, and a world-champion ice-cream scooper. Now he runs Stock Gumshoe for you, allowing us all to discuss and dissect the latest overheated stock ideas... as well as review and talk about investment newsletters and enjoy the commentary and opinions of Stock Gumshoe's other special contributors and the discussion with our unusually attractive, erudite and polite readers. He lives with Mrs. Gumshoe and all their little Gumshoes in the wilds of Western Massachusetts.

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“Kings of Canadian Cannabis” — Michael Robinson’s “$2,000,000 By This Time Next Year” Marijuana Teaser

Michael Robinson runs the technology/venture newsletters for Money Map Press, and he’s out with yet another marijuana promo — after all, any newsletter that doesn’t jump on board the marijuana stock rocket is deemed pretty much irrelevant these days, just like any newsletter without a “crypto expert” was ignored in January. So yes, now Michael […]

Friday File: Buying Risk and Safety

A few purchases to talk to you about today, and a couple other notes as we go… mostly on the theme of risk and safety, as we close out a week with lots of news-driven volatility. Ready? Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR) is, in some ways, a fun way to “play” the marijuana boom with less […]

What are “Prime Profits” from Amazon? The Wealth Advisory says this “Billionaire Income Secret” means “Amazon is Legally Obligated to Make You Richer”

Another day, another “secret” that we’re told billionaires are using to grab big ol’ checks… all promised to you in exchange for your subscription to a newsletter. This time, it’s The Wealth Advisory from Briton Ryle over at Angel Investing — that’s an “entry level” newsletter ($49/year) that seems to focus on income investments… and […]

Invisible Fiber and a “$150,000 windfall” from “Weird New Antennas” — What’s Jeff Brown at Bonner talking about?

I’ve been mostly sitting on the sidelines during the “Crypto Mania” this year, because, well, anything “manic” makes me nervous and I still haven’t been able to come up with a rational price argument for any cryptocurrency…. … so I haven’t recently dug into all of the recent “Amazon is going to choose a cryptocurrency […]

Friday File: Stop Losses and Big Quarters

I keep seeing more and more marijuana teaser ads, and yes, marijuana is an exciting sector right now with legalization in Canada and probably more incremental moves toward legalization of marijuana in the US this next election cycle… but they’re still companies that we have to analyze and understand if we’re to think of these […]

Strategic Investor

Entry-level newsletter designed to look for “distortions in the market.” Tucker plans for the letter to “include the most explosive stocks in the resource markets as well as core positions in world-class businesses trading at bargain prices.”

What’s “The Motherlode” being pitched by Dr. Kent Moors — are you “entitled to a piece of $1.4 trillion?”

Kent Moors certainly has some talented copywriters plying his wares… we’ve been seeing his latest “buried treasure” pitch for about a week now, and today I’m finally actually finding the time to read it and get some answers for our beloved Gumshoe readers. The ad is a pitch for Moors’ Energy Advantage (currently $299), Here’s […]

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On Alex Green's $3 "Single Stock Retirement Plan" trading under a "Secret Name"
Jeff Brown’s teasing Nokia, Alex Green’s teasing Foxconn... neither one’s making anyone rich in the six months they’ve been touting ‘em, but expecting anything different is a little silly :)[...]
On Friday File: 5G Time!
Yes, that’s why the buildout in small cells is such a priority... and why it’s likely that 5G and 4G will work in concert for at least 5+ years. There’s risk that it might not take off, I guess, but “faster and better” usually does get adopted e[...]
On Friday File: 5G Time!
I wrote about them last month, my first impression was that the[...]
On Friday File: 5G Time!
Short version: Dividend growth, current yield, and more diversification into small cells and fiber.[...]
On Microblog: What is the new play issued by Paul Mampilly when he holds up a $10.00 vill and states this is all you need to start
I think it was, actually, that ad's been running pretty much all year. I didn't cover it, but AMD would have been my best guess.[...]
On Microblog: What is the new play issued by Paul Mampilly when he holds up a $10.00 vill and states this is all you need to start
AMD was certainly touted as a "blockchain play" last year -- their GPUs were used for mining ethereum and other "new" cryptos, much like NVIDIA's. Not so much this year, both NVDA and AMD have seen demand for GPUs for mining dry up quickly in recent month[...]
On "Billions of Machines Depend on it" -- Alex Koyfman says that "This 40 Cent Company Is Toppling A Trillion Dollar Global Industry"
After-hours bid/ask numbers are pretty meaningless for most stocks, particularly if they're not close to each other and it's not a large-cap stock that actually has after-hours trading volume, but that's even more so for penny stocks -- those numbers are j[...]
On "Billions of Machines Depend on it" -- Alex Koyfman says that "This 40 Cent Company Is Toppling A Trillion Dollar Global Industry"
I can only tell you what we've uncovered from his teaser stock ads, have never actually seen the newsletter -- we've covered 10 teased stocks from Penny Stock Millionaire [...]
On What's Lombardi teasing as "The Tiny $1 Marijuana Stock Next to Be Bought Out for Big Dollars?"
Check with me after most of the stocks fall 50-80%... I do like Canopy's business, particularly the brands and the international expansion (I think there's a decent chance Canada will be saturated with cheap pot pretty quick, and that "commodity" producers[...]
On IPOs that are "Like Buying Apple in 1981?"
Thanks for the perspective... interestingly, I had seen a lot of pessimistic coverage recently about Palantir and its drop in value, but then, coincidentally, this morning came a Go to Comment »
On IPOs that are "Like Buying Apple in 1981?"
Most companies are not just owned by the founder, they're owned by other early investors and employees... all of whom want "liquidity" -- which means they want to be able to sell all those shares they have, and to sell easily and at good prices the stock h[...]
On IPOs that are "Like Buying Apple in 1981?"
Often there's a stock price reaction both to the resumption of insider selling after the lockup expiration, particularly if big insiders file for big sales after six months... and it's also good to see some initial response to being a public company, since[...]
On IPOs that are "Like Buying Apple in 1981?"
We covered Oxford Club’s tease of Foxconn here:[...]
On 2017 "No Brainer TRUMP Presidency Pick"
Haven't been following that Select Sands story this year, but it's hard to give up when a stock is falling. Sometimes the path to a 90%+ loss is a 50% drop, then another 50% drop, then another 50% drop... and one final 50% drop. Usually after those kinds[...]
On Kent Moors says "20% of the world’s supply of one of the most critical natural resources will disappear"
Good point, I have no idea what will happen with the 232 investigation -- UR Energy and Energy Fuels are asking for quotas and "buy American" rules (instead of tariffs) to be implemented to make US uranium mining more profitable, presumably by driving up d[...]
On What's Lombardi teasing as "The Tiny $1 Marijuana Stock Next to Be Bought Out for Big Dollars?"
Thanks friend... we love our free readers, too![...]
On What's Lombardi teasing as "The Tiny $1 Marijuana Stock Next to Be Bought Out for Big Dollars?"
Sometimes the stuff in the dictionary just isn’t good enough :)[...]
On What's Lombardi teasing as "The Tiny $1 Marijuana Stock Next to Be Bought Out for Big Dollars?"
I'm skeptical of all these small guys, but don't know their assets well. $40 million is a lot to pay for licenses and farming projects unless you're confident you're going to have high profit margins, and high profit margins are generally not very sustain[...]
On What's Lombardi teasing as "The Tiny $1 Marijuana Stock Next to Be Bought Out for Big Dollars?"
Similar geographic spread and size, but not as close a match on the teased clues.[...]
On "P-Value" and identifying Ernie Tremblay's "Fast Double by August 31" Tinnitus Stock
Just noticed this one in the news again and was reminded that it had been teased a while back -- the tease was a ridiculous one back in 2016, of course, and the stock collapsed from $50 to $15 and then, gradually over almost two years, to 50 cents or so...[...]

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