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On Badiali's "Operation: 'Tech Takeover 2019'" Pitch for a 5G Gold Miner

I like TSG - Trans Siberian Gold, a UK based mining company who have just received a new 20 year licence for their mine in Kamchatka. The stock price has been depressed for a long time due to public opinion about Russia but has jumped quite nicely on t[...]

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On Sleuthifying Cabot's "U.S.-China rivalry will soon send this secret $1 stock soaring" Pitch

I've had a small interest in an Australian Rare Earth Mineral company, Alkane Resources (ALK) for a couple of years. Down 61% as we speak. Anyone know much about them? I can't remember where the tip came from but the justification was similar to (LYC). The[...]

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On Friday File: Stop Losses Everywhere, But so Much I ALMOST Want to Buy

Seasons greetings from the UK Travis. Just wanted to reciprocate your good wishes from Brexit benighted Britain. I am a leaver, who wants to pay for two governments? Have a peaceful holiday. Hugh[...]

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On "If I had to pick one stock.... World’s No. 1 Stock When Gold Booms" teased by Dan Ferris

Hi Peter, I also find myself under the Sprott umbrella due to a long term holding in CEF which I thought was deep value waiting for the Gold price to spike when the major correction finally arrives. I don't quite understand what your reply to exotichunter[...]

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On The Regulatory Maze: What It Means For Our Health

Thank you Michael, a fascinating and enlightening read.[...]

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On What's that "August 28 ICO" pitch from Martin Hutchinson about?

For those who are thinking of using Coinbase to start investing in crypto here is an article about their customer service. I have used Coinbase for about 2[...]

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On What's DeHaemer's "The Most Disruptive Technology Since the Internal Combustion Engine" Ad All About?

What gets me about the whole drone for last mile delivery idea is that none of the enthusiasts ever mention the noise issue. Have you heard these things? Even the simple camera drones make an enormous racket. One with enough power to lift a two pound parce[...]

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On Friday File Hodgepodge: India, Gold and Stop Losses

I second hydtec's sentiments. To paraphrase Churchill's maxim, "KBO, keep buggering on" or in your case blathering.[...]

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On Looking at the "Could Act of Congress #5748 Make You Rich?" Ad from Laissez Faire Letter

In the Bitcoin v Gold discussion I like not only the finite amount of BTC there will ever be but also its divisibility and potential for micro payments. Thomas Meyer says that all bitcoin will be mined by 2025, although I thought owing to the halving c[...]

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On What's Oxford Club's "Patented 'Cure' That Could Save 1.5 Million Lives Annually?

I too am a self driving car sceptic for European urban areas. I live about 2.5 miles from the centre of London. To get anywhere from here as in most of Greater London I have to drive through mostly narrow streets of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian b[...]

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