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I was interested to follow the link to your Facebook page. The thing that struck me most of all was how tidy and clean it looked with not an advertisement in sight. I don’t use facebook, but I read somewhere that the raison d’etre for the recent IPO was the projected revenue from advertising. If […]

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On A Couple "Buys" … and what to do with Seadrill?

I'm UK based and rely on Gumshoe for insight into US markets. I bought Lancashire after the special dividend was declared. I was surprised that the stock dropped the full 75 pence on the day, but it has recovered nearly one third of that already, and will [...]

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On Lonrho Gets Low Enough for a Takeover Bid -- What to do?

It looks as though the shares have been shorted for the past three weeks, driving the price down for others to buy cheaply. The predator company , FS Africa , was only registered as a private limited company in UK on 24April, just over 3 weeks ago. I'm pre[...]

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On What is "America's Next Iconic Brand?"

I bought a Sodastream machine in UK about 40 years ago. It's not new technology. Most of the bits are still cluttering up my garage, but I haven't been able to buy the CO2 cartridges for years. It's a fad. I wouldn't expect to make a fortune on the shares[...]

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On 12% Letter (defunct)

I subscribed for a few years, but not current. Interesting, often contrarian read. Useful insight into US high yield investment, but not relevant to me because of the high US taxes levied on dividend income.[...]

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On True Wealth

Always an interesting read, and good for picking out new investment trends early on. I no longer subscribe, but only because I needed to cut down my subscriptions. One of the better newsletters.[...]

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On Stock Gumshoe Irregulars

Gumshoe is an invaluable investment tool. Whenever any stock is touted anywhere, a quick Google brings up previous Gumshoe comment that saves hours of research time. Great service.[...]

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On Outstanding Investments

I subscribed for a couple of years then dropped it in a newsletter cull. It was always an interesting and educational read from a geological standpoint. I never lost money on any of the recommendations, because I never bought one![...]

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On Mayer's Special Situations (defunct)

An entertaining read for those looking for thrills and adventure. Chris Meyer's valuation methods are sound, but the market doesn't always agree. Mostly his picks do well. I have a golden rule never to pay more than $49 for a newsletter, so it's out of my[...]

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On Capital and Crisis (defunct)

I have subscribed to C&C for over 7 years. Chris Meyer follows a consistent method for identifying value in long term core portfolio holdings, with particular empasis on "Skin in the game". Good for buy and hold stocks. They are not supposed to be exciting[...]

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