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I bought Lspd at $30 usd & then at $15 usd. I sold out at $90 usd. I believe it can be the next Shopify, but also think it could slide further due to the short report scare, supply chain issues ruining their earnings & overall down market. Should I wait for my predicted slide […]

After GAN investor day just wondering if anyone’s feeling on this stock’s future and PT has changed? Also, this question to Travis: will you be adding to your position after this investors day or are you waiting for earnings?

I haven’t seen an update on GAN in a while, so not sure Travis’s thoughts, but it hasn’t grown and is now rumored to be a takeover target. What are the thoughts of some holders about this company? Great company, but this far, a bad stock.

What is going on with Gan? It hasn’t really moved after dropping from its high of $30. Fubo has passed it by and is looking like the better growth buy. Is it just that analysts don’t know what Gan really does for their market? Are shorts killing any growth possibilities? Is my gut correct that […]

With their trial against Phillip Morris set for next month and it likely that they win, what is the long-term future for this company? How high can it go? I also hear they are planning a share buy-back soon.

I came across the stock of Quantum International (quan) back in June 2020 and found it interesting, so I started a position buying at 0.0025. I have been increasing my position since then hoping it grows and it closed Friday at .14 from a high of .50. Though I have researched the company and forecast […]

I am a holder of marketaxess long-term and will not sell out until it hits $1000 a share. However, it had dropped significantly from its high of $606 to nearly $515. Does anyone know why? Is it just insiders/institutions selling the high or something more?

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On Microblog: GAN not growing

Thank you. I’m still holding as well, but I think there will be a buyout before all this growth can come to fruition. Only time will tell.[...]

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On Microblog: This Tiny TSX Stock Could Be the Next Shopify

It is going. I decided to just add to my Lspd holdings in the end. I didn’t touch Real as you are correct with the risk at play. However, I did find and buy into good food market at $2 (food) (gddff), very good food company $3 (very) (vryyf) and Well tec[...]

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On Microblog: This Tiny TSX Stock Could Be the Next Shopify

Thanks. I have it on my watch list, but I think it could also be real matters. Any thoughts?[...]

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On Microblog: This Tiny TSX Stock Could Be the Next Shopify

It isn’t lspd. The tease was actually below an article about lspd. One little-known Canadian IPO has doubled in value in a matter of months, and renowned Canadian stock picker Iain Butler sees a potential millionaire-maker in waiting... Because he thinks[...]

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