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Making Sense of This Market

Few weeks ago i`ve been told by a friend to buy 3 stocks: FFH (Fairfax Financial) 2016 Performance: +16.8% MKL (Markel) 2016 Performance: -4,77% CLX (Clorox) 2016 Performance: +0,56% With S&P 500 dow 8,46% it has been a wonderful deal. Tonight, i saw Prem Watsa Portfolio: 85% of it is in 4 stocks, let´s see […]

High Yield Bonds

Hi Travis, I see companies like Consol Energy (CNX), that have a bond with a coupon 8,25%, Maturity 2020, and trades about 84 USD. I feel that is a excellent deal, but i dont know the real risks involved. I know the energy sector is in real pain and short term i don t see […]

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On Friday File: An Old Friend Returns to the Watchlist
Hi Travis, GLRE is like TPRE (at a discount too). I prefer Daniel Loeb like an investor. And waht about AXS (Axis Capital). I think that´s close a bottom. What y thoughts? Regards, António[...]
On Microblog: High Yield Bonds
What´s is your opinion about Consol Energy ?[...]
On "Slingshot Trades" and some updates for the Friday File
Hi Travis, i like a lot y reviews. However i think y are dead wrong about TGI. I bought it when i saw your article and do some research, and been accumulated since there. I think it´s a long term winner. Let see in future who´s got it right. Best Rega[...]
On Chris Mayer's "$4 LED Trend You Don’t Want to Miss"
I´ve pass on that. It´s too risky. Can y research Dan Ferris new ten bagger. He is teasing a natural resource stock that can grow 5-10 times !!!!!!! Thank Travis[...]
On 2014's Turkey of the Year
My vote is RIG. Dont expected a 53% drop !!!! Neither Carl Icahn :)))))[...]
On Microblog: SDRL reaction Nov 26
Yes !!! The stock tank more than 20% ... In that space i prefer Ensco, Nobble and DO, but perhaps is still early to buy because the direction of the oil price Regards :)[...]
On Timmbeeerrrr!
Hi Travis, It was a terrible surprise what happens to RYN today !!! Has you know, i am a foreign investor. I see a lot of investigations on behalf of investors. How they work? It´s worth the claim? What´s the price? Thanks and Regards,[...]
On Incremental Share Purchase -- More Insurance
Hi Travis, I`me thinking buying Lancashire. It´s better to buy in LSE (LRE) or the ADR ? Regards,[...]
On Microblog: Good site for insider selling/buying or transactions?
Hi, 1) I think the site have technical issues last 2 days. I don't pay subscription (too expensive). Today, when i chose all insiders the site gives error. Try tomorrow :)))) 2) Insider buying is a good thing to see but not a guarantee . I see various [...]
On Microblog: Good site for insider selling/buying or transactions?
Gurus Focus :)[...]
On What's the Motley Fool's "Holy Grail investment into 'Oil Boom 2.0?'"
Good company, but perhaps in the energy/oil space other bargains look better . However CLB is going to the watch list :))[...]
On Microblog: Sandstorm
My opinion: BUY the Dips. Don´t chase it rigth now. Don´t know if we see the bottom. My guess is that a big market correction is underway...[...]
On Microblog: Sleep: Getting Enough When We Need It
Hi Travis, Today Gold stocks are nightmare !!!!! It´s time to buy SAND ? Give me y thoughs :))))))[...]
On What's the "Financial App" That Lets you "skim money from millions of banking transactions?"
The Perfect Commodity Producer "Did you know There were only 13 instances when the price of a single commodity rose by 500% or more in the 20th century. Only eight commodities’ prices rose 500% or more in that great bull market…" Chris Mayer - Specia[...]
On Incremental Share Purchase -- More Insurance
Hi Travis, Have you done any research about PGLC (Pershing Gold)? I have curiosity because a Diretor (Honig Barry C) keep pulling lots of money on it..... Thanks, Antonio[...]
On Incremental Share Purchase -- More Insurance
ok, fair enough :)))[...]
On Incremental Share Purchase -- More Insurance
Thanks :)))) And about L (Loews Corp)? P/B= 0,79 I follow Tisch story and like very much their style of investment. Do y have any research about L ?[...]
On September "Idea of the Month" Ready to Fly?
I like this idea. I am a buyer in middle 50 :)))) Let everyone know if Roepers dump it....[...]
On Incremental Share Purchase -- More Insurance
Hi Travis, I am a recent "irregular" . Congratulations !!! Good service at right price :))) I`ve been following TPRE but don't pull the trigger just yet. I consider Leukadia (Luk), the mini BRK.b. The price to book is 0,83. What y think about this stock? [...]

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