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On Navellier's "One Winter Stock to Buy Now"
Thx, Travis.........curious but not complaining! ;)[...]
On Navellier's "One Winter Stock to Buy Now"
Sorry about highjacking the thread, Travis. Was wondering if you have any intel on the Big jump for YAK today. I bought last week as I had followed this stock over the last few years and decided to take a nibble at $1. It seems my timing was right for[...]
On Friday File Hodgepodge -- Iron, Graphene, Xerox and some ranting
thx, Travis; I enjoy your rants and also have held off some cash for opportunities in the future. I think your logic is sound on Altius and will hold mine for the long run. I will admit that the markets have been rough lately as I tend to lean toward C[...]
On Microblog: What is with Feronia?
Thx, Travis.........it will all come out in the wash. Btw, I still see some potential for these guys. Just a little play money anyway :-)[...]
On Exploring Frank Curzio's "Once in a Lifetime Meeting" about a $1 Brazilian Gold stock
been watching BRI for a long time. Got in just over $.80 a while back. No slam dunk but very good prospects. Did not know about the warrants. Too bad for me as they are doing well. May drop a few grand on them if they dip.[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron
Hi, Myron; I have read your comments with great interest in the past and am glad to learn a bit more of your background. I have a strongt interest in the stocks you follow, especially the precious metals. Perhaps, it is a canadian thing. Canucklehead[...]
On "This 68-year-old Disruptive Energy Technology Could Mark the End of OPEC as we Know it."
To me it looks like a stock to throw a few grand of mad money at and let it ride for the long term. I'll likely grab a bit at the bottom.[...]
On Warrant Picture Changes
Sold my ROICW this morning @ 1.73. Nice little profit after picking them up @.96 when you recommended. Thx, Gummie![...]
On Buying, Fretting and Re-Checking Some Possibilities
I've considered a position in TRQ for a bit, but the gov't volatility has kept me away. I previously considered the Inmet but stayed out for similar reasons and am kicking myself now. Perhaps, a position on a dip is the best way to go as speculative buy[...]
On "January Stock of the Month ... hold on to your hat"
Yes, Randy........I never seem to keep enough cash around. There is always something interesting to get into. I can always sell off something if I'm really bullish on a stock, I suppose.[...]
On "January Stock of the Month ... hold on to your hat"
Yes, a bit late for Intel, and, for us as well........too rich for my blood[...]
On Adding to one of my "Tops for 2013" Ideas
I was thinking about a nibble around the $10 range but had other stocks to grab.......managed to add a nice bit top my UUU stock before it spiked on the takeover news so I can't complain. I'll keep my eyes open for another opportunity to pick it up. Thx[...]
On "January Stock of the Month ... hold on to your hat"
It seems as if Intel should do themselves a favour and buy ARMH[...]
On Adding to one of my "Tops for 2013" Ideas
Hi, Travis; After the big spike today in the stock, is it a good buy?[...]
On Friday File Hodgepodge of Portfolio Thoughts
Thx, Travis; This is a hard thing to get a read on, and I've been considering adding a higher risk nibble on something like Feronia. Thank you, again........enjoy the holiday season, John[...]
On Friday File Hodgepodge of Portfolio Thoughts
Hey, Travis. What is your take on the Feronia/AAF situation?[...]
On "This Chinese Smartphone Stock Is Poised To Soar"
From what I've read, The drilling results and comments from the company were positive but the reality was that the original oil strike was of 100m and this hole was to test the depth of strike in the same oil pool but the 30m of oil in this hole was expect[...]
On Another Add on buy in Africa
Thx, Herbert; I had remembered reading about this but had forgotten where. Signs of getting older and having my fingers in too many pots.[...]
On Another Add on buy in Africa
Hey, Travis; I know that this topic has been dealt with before but I can't seem to find the info. I've been considering Lonrho for a while but don't have access to trade its shares with my current provider. I know you and some of the members have menti[...]
On Keith Schaefer's "Freak of Nature" Resource Play
Thx, Ian; I've been watching VOD for a bit and may take a nibble when it bottoms out.[...]

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