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What is the story on Wall Streets Secret ATM by Jeff Yastine and other promotions that claim to allow one to collect secret dividends from companies that you never worked for and had nothing to do with

I’VE SEEN AT LEAST 6 SUCH PROMOTIONS RECENTLY. THEY ALL PROMISE MONEY THAT WILL SUPPLEMENT OR EXCEED MY SOCIAL SECURITY. Jeff Yastine claims that it originated by law in 1904 to insure that pensioners would get their money no matter what happened to the company. Thank you John l. arguimbau [april39-I,m that old ]

Trade Sector ETFs

Trying to determine if I was up,down or sideways on Options/Shorts etc. in this crazy mkt and realizing too late the biggest losses in what was about 17%,now less than 10% in biotechs I did something that just may break me even in a couple years. Noting that Direxion 3x Longs were selling for $5.75 […]

Will Sunvalt [SVAT] Be a Big Winner ?

I have 1000 shares bought at $0.86/share.They in cooperation with Edison Intl have built the world’s largest capacitor. It is made from graphine and has a capacity of 10,000 Farads which to this 1959 graduate from Ft.Monmouth knows is one big mother. With the demand for storage and Tesla’s battery needs I THINK,HOPE,PRAY that this […]

Re: CFIDS reply from Bradly 6/5/14 for Dr. Kiss

First event 4/16/1977 mild ”bug” K.O.ed me completely-suddenly almost paralized, 0 energy thought dying. Lab tests couple common viruses. Recovered slowly over 6 mos. Event [2] April 1982 terrible sore throat followed by terrible physical crash. Lab test-Mono definately total recovery time 18 months. Never felt as smart as prior. No longer quick at math. […]

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On Will Trump Publicly Back "USACoin" to Become New No. 1 Crypto?
Last time I heard of Ripple I was a 20yr.old soldier at Ft.Bliss in El Paso. With Jaurez next door us single G.I.s got our liquor there. However Pop B. A 56 Yr. old PFC or Pvt. depending on whether he told off an officer that month. swore by Ripple. He wa[...]
On What the heck is "Brandt Oil?"
10/15/18-Got the same ad today 21950 still Not doin well money and health wise. Thought I might do better with an expensive service-Took a Casey 2yrs for $ 2500 +/or- Casey really gives " THE SCREW THAT KEEPS ON SCREWING." Thought I remembered something fr[...]
On Microblog: Scandium, Cobalt, and Water Purification: Clean Teq Holdings,Volume 2, 2018
OK DUMMIES-Posted 1830 July 27 2018. April39 is my birth day & year[...]
On Microblog: Scandium, Cobalt, and Water Purification: Clean Teq Holdings,Volume 2, 2018
I never had one billion dollars [ closest counting house was $750 thousand in 2007 before oldest daughter lost her Miami REIT job and us about $ 250 k So a 15 trillion dollar " gadget " from some guy at " Seven Figure Income" I think, too old to remember[...]
On Microblog: What is James Altucher promising regarding the pre-IPO Prospectus he's giving out for frrr with
Got stung same way. a 9 trillion $ company would be 10 times Apple's valuation [or 50% of our national debt. He spends more time choking the sheriff than researching stocks.[...]
On Microblog: Alpha Contracts
Same question as above. I spent an hour listening and don't know anymore than before. Having lost $5k since Janurary not in mood for a $2000 loss.[...]
On Friday File: The Big List, plus a buy on great earnings and a few speculations
I get the part about you being 73 but your mother also being 73 doesn't fit too well. But between crypto currency, same sex marriag, legal mariyana my 79 year old mind say's " Let It Lay."[...]
On Microblog: Paul Mampilly's new medical breakthrough Teaser
MXIM [ Maxim ] is the featured stock-You really should subscribe to Profits Unlimited. I've made about 30 % on a 2 yrs. for $108 a special but the most you will pay is $99/yr.[...]
On Microblog: Paul Mampilly's new medical breakthrough Teaser
On Kent Moors teases his "'Infinite Power' Nano-Grid" Stock for 38,901% Gains
I have been chasing this "Golden Goose for near a year and found it today. At age 78 I've learned about scams the hard way.After spending a couple hours I came across a big report on "the new gasoline" by our " Better than Trump" seer. Dr.Moor! After getti[...]
On Microblog: Wealth Blueprint Letter-Oilprice.com
Thanks for all the info Travis. Now I can buy 10 California Mega Millions tickets thus reducing my odds of winning to one in 27 million from one in 270 million. John Arguimbau born April39[...]
On Microblog: Wealth Blueprint Letter-Oilprice.com
My e-mail is calargy@outlook.com april39 was created when nothing else worked.[...]
On Microblog: Wealth Blueprint Letter-Oilprice.com
I received another "The Death of Silicon Crystals" from James Stafford at Darwin Investing Network promoting a $10 company that has developed a "super thin" strip that is 66 times as efficient and cheaper than silicon. Any ideas Travis or members?[...]
On On Nov. 4: "Deadly Strain of Old Man's Friend" to bring riches for Ernie Tremblay's teased stock?
I sold EARS even 10/17/2016. Today 10/18/2016. It was up 25% so something may have happened.[...]
On "For Less than $8 a Share, You Can Buy the Best Tech Stock"
I am age 77 and with a CFIDS mind have no short term memory or abitity to think clearly after 1/2 hour. Thus I'm mostly ATT, Verizon,a couple of non-production Oil Trusts-recommended here and A or B+ rated Closed End Funds that yielded 10% or > over 10[...]
On Schaefer says he "Mortgaged His House" to buy this "Solar Royalty" stock -- what is it?
A few months ago Schaeffer said he sold [ 1/4-I believe] of his portfolio to buy shares of CERYF which [ I believe was covered by you-At 77 I don't dare believe in much; too eligible for scams BUT STILL PRETTY MUCH BELIEVE IN DOC. GUMSHOE.] Whatever, I ho[...]
On Microblog: Keith Schaeffer-Oil and Gas Investment Bulletin-early June 2015
I found it but I wouldn't put $400 in never mind $400k.[...]
On A Ridiculous Little Thing -- Bob Czeschin's "Extraordinary Opportunity" Gold Stock
It seems that the "pump and dumpers" are having to dig a lot deeper in the manure pile to come up with anything to promote. Sign of a market top?[...]
On Motley Fool Supernova
On Microblog: Will Sunvalt [SVAT] Be a Big Winner ?
From the posts by Chris and Travis I suspect that one or both of you may have been fooled by the fact that there are 4 SVLTS, or variations of the name SunVault. The only one active is SVLT, $0.85 5/11/2015. Yes it is speculative but the statement that the[...]

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