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On Microblog: NTFLX
I just happened to start a discussion on Alex Vieira who is a big Netflix fan 1/2 an hour ago and then saw this . Alex had made 100's of millions on Netflix. Here is a link to get started if you want. I think Alex still likes Netflix but he also shorts i[...]
On Cancer Treatment 2018: Looking Towards the Future
Great overview and gives me hope for continued progress as we unlock new ways to stop these cancers from progressing, and possibly happening at all.[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$APTO (long) Just in case anyone follows Aptose, they've just started a search for a full-time chief medical officer. Perfect timing given their PH 1b and soon to start trail for a second candidate.[...]
On Microblog: What is Steve Sjuggerud ‘s next bull market?
Can't be anything but China if it's Steve. Full disclosure, I like his thought process, follow him pretty closely and I've made good money on his trends. Having been to China a number of times, I tend to come to the same conclusions he suggests. Of course[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
Cleveland, I did some search work for Tony (CEO at Closure), and thought there was an application for closing internal wounds, sub cutaneously. I could be wrong. Also, don't forget, Closure basically used SuperGlue. J&J's OTC product initially licensed fro[...]
On Dr. KSS Posts from Biotech Showcase 2018, San Francisco
$biotech ? Cleveland and Dr. KSS, my dilemma is sometimes I have rather intimate/inside info on some of the co's discussed on this site that I'd prefer to not make attributable to me yet that are clearly important to assess an investment (Doc, I reached o[...]
On Dr. KSS Posts from Biotech Showcase 2018, San Francisco
Personally, not sure I'd touch this team as an investment. I'm holding my tongue on a number of "covered" companies that, from a personnel perspective, rate very low in my opinion. Yes, I too spent 5 days in SFO for the 25th time in my career. My advic[...]
On Microblog: Marijuana Companies For Investing
Hey PJ, how did that $3k bitcoin investment end up?[...]
On Microblog: In A Brutal Biotech Market, A Reason to Be Excited: Introducing Regado Biosciences
$BioMarin Interesting UK study Hemophilia A success. Small study but quite the patient response.[...]
On "Notes from Torrey Hills Capital Emerging Growth Conference, 13-15 November 2017, San Diego, CA"
Matthew, try my email at I have some thoughts and direct insights on this.[...]
On "Notes from Torrey Hills Capital Emerging Growth Conference, 13-15 November 2017, San Diego, CA"
$ZIOP - NEVER a position!! Cleveland, I did the early work here with Jon Lewis and actually shared some adjacent office space with him. This was/and-still-is a team I'd never touch with 10 foot pole.[...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
$ONCYF (small position) just announced a major deal yesterday. I think they also trade on TSX under different ticker. Very interesting company from my due diligence. I also know the team well and feel they can get this over the goal line (assuming the tec[...]
On Microblog: Venture Technology
$VRAY (full position) I'm guessing Varian or ViewRay. More investigation will make this one obvious... I'm went ViewRay but admit my diligence was (somewhat) quick.[...]
On "Notes from Torrey Hills Capital Emerging Growth Conference, 13-15 November 2017, San Diego, CA"
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
Lingling88, I know Mayleben fairly well and did several searches for the original esperion of the early 2000's. Tim is a 2d or 3d tier player. I personally would never invest in him. That said, one needs to look at the underlying tech in $ESPR. Having sa[...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
$PIRS NP. Know some of the folks here: Pieris just going through a reorg and letting some key people go in order to conserve cash. They got in (or soon will get as SoGiAm pointed out) several years of cash and will now focus on delivering in the clinic. [...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
Macchiarini is dirty and coated in teflon. He's despised within BSTG to this day. Green (previous CEO) will admit he was hoodwinked by this slick talking, slime bucket who cut every corner possible. Having said that, he implanted around 10 of their org[...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
Looking at the $PTLA exec team there's no REGULATORY depth unless they're using virtual expertise (e.g. outside consultants). Seen this movie many times before - CEO is a commercial guy and fails to surround himself with the skills he/she lacks. In this ca[...]
On Aurinia R&D Day, New York City, October 20, 2017
I've had some previous-company interaction with some of the current team and board: those I know are mediocre (at best). Doc KSS, I trust your instincts here and bet you're right that they pursuing failure.[...]
On Tear Sheet: CohBar Inc. ($CWBR)
$PTCT Gotta agree, this is a management team of zero. Unless they "happen" to be VERY lucky, there is nothing here.[...]

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