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On Stutman's "New 5G technology will soon be available to every American household" Pitch
Intelstat was a nice play, I was able to make a nice profit on that one[...]
On Stutman's "New 5G technology will soon be available to every American household" Pitch
That's not the point.[...]
On Stutman's "New 5G technology will soon be available to every American household" Pitch
I don't blame him it's a bit spooky to see something attributed to you without your knowledge.[...]
On What's Matt Badiali's "Magic Metal" Pitch About?
What ever happened to $AXTI?[...]
On The Finale is Grand: The Gain from Pain Mainly Explained
There were a few off label uses for pain discovered by the street scientists such as Doriden (gluthethemide) and Tylenol w/codeine#4 ) also Butazolidin and Talwin known as T's and Blues and the prior one was known as Doors and 4's. I believe they were dis[...]
On The Finale is Grand: The Gain from Pain Mainly Explained
It's amazing how the memory holds on to those times when attractions to the opposite sex were on the same plane as radar.[...]
On What are John Boehner's "American Cannabis Summit" Stocks?
of course it's distasteful. How do you think they build their bankrolls?[...]
On Ketamine: Menace or Miracle?
I was on high doses of Methadone, and Fentanyl lollipops and spoke with Pain management prior to being admitted to make sure they had all the preparations to deal with my surgery. After the experience I had they backed away from any knowledge of my case or[...]
On Alex Green's "No. 1 Stock in 2019" -- $3 "Single Stock Retirement Plan" trading under a "Secret Name"
where did you buy it? Ive been told I have to but a 2,500 position in the stock where I would only want to throw about 200 shares[...]
On The Complete Investor's "Escape Plan"... What's their "perfect retirement stock?"
You can get on your soap box any time you like. I can relate to the cat food feeling. Sometimes I feel like we're just swimming in a lake like a fish and all these lines with hooks keep coming in the water waiting for us to take the bait. I also have a sma[...]
On "By November 8, 2018, Donald Trump Could 'Reboot' the U.S. Dollar" sez Jim Rickards
Travis, thank you for your insight.[...]
On Friday File: Buying Growth, Selling Mistakes... a Wild Week in the Real Money Portfolio
Berkshire's position in Apple is not that high to affect it's share price.[...]
On Microblog: What is the Free Nortgage checks than IIvesting Daily is pushing where profits that are made by these
sorry about the typos but for some reason half the screen is cut when posting. Nortgage is Mortgage and it's Investing daily. Thanks[...]
On Microblog: Travis what do you think about $EXROF and it's improvements to the electric motor and Dynamoc Power Management.
That typo is Dynamic NOT Dynamoc, sorry![...]
On Self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Stock Picker" teases "The $10 Company at the Center of a Revolution" ... what is it?
If I felt that way I wouldn't be looking at your thoughts.[...]
On May 2018 News of Possible Interest
Glad to hear it.[...]
On Solving Mampilly's "The Investment of the Century" Tease about "Tech Industry Set to Surge 76,000%"
Is he still riding #STM, and $AMD also? I keep seeing ads for the Dime and also for the warehouses[...]
On Getting Back to You: Responses to Comments on Cancer 2018
Great post ! I have only one question. What is the name of the company for this 1 drop phenomenom? Thank you.[...]
On Microblog: What are the names of companies involved with %G technology and the internet of things
I meant to write 5G. sorry.[...]
On Microblog: 420 Investors
Thank you, you just saved me $ 1,995 on a subscription to Marijuana Manifesto according to the come one, in addition to the CEO of Perdue (oxycontin) other big hitters in on this is Bill Gates Sanjay Gupta, Peter Thiel, and a few others, he's calling it a [...]

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