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On Ferris' "The Hands-Down, No. 1 Pick of My Career" Pitch
Thanks again Travis, I got caught up in that Ferris pitch yet what caught my eye were as they were walking in the neighborhood all the trees leaves were brown so this indicated to me that this was made some time ago as we are in the middle of Summer here. [...]
On Microblog: X-31 metal
Gallium comes to mind which leads me to believe the company is$AXTI or AXT which I remember being at around $7.00 a year ago. whether or not this is going to move north of were it is right now is another story. Anyone have any thoughts on that?[...]
On Microblog: Number 1 pot stock in america
I think it's MedMen which is traded[...]
On Microblog: “I Helped People Make a Fortune on Canada’s #1 Pot Stock... and Now I’ve Identified America’s #1 Pot Stock” “Up More Than $800,000 on Your Canadian Pot Stocks” – Reader Henry Martin
MedMen is traded though[...]
On Microblog: Extreme fortune email this morning. Does anyone know this stock?
I think he's talking about MU Micron Technology[...]
On Microblog: Hepatitis with a C
either that or to see what he is made of piss him off[...]
On Motley Fool Stock Advisor
To many times the stock has already made it's climb[...]
On Why We Take the Bait
Well I guess that didn't work![...]
On In Defense of the Egg
I have no faith in the use of statins in treating cholesterol and many physicians feel the same way. There has always been a controversy on what is an acceptable level for it and it has changed dramatically over the years. Since our own bodies regulate ch[...]
On Microblog: D1-z Income Streams” NEW Investment: How You Could Have Turned $1000 into a $53,660 Per Year Income Stream…this is coming from
I posted this in October 2018 and I see it's being run again and it's now April 2019. Anyone see anything yet on this pitch or have any clearer view about what he's talking about? With all the talk about how everything is about to crash, you really don't k[...]
On The Finale is Grand: The Gain from Pain Mainly Explained
What are the 3 companies being touted for the Opioid epidemic? 1 is for overdose which must be Narcan. The 2nd one is for infants who are born addicted, and the 3rd is a long lasting medication that blocks the effects (euphoria) and lasts for about a week [...]
On Microblog: What do you know of the "Superstocks" in the defense industry being in a position to turn 3 by Trading Tips?
I did some digging and hit the other two so the 3 defense plays are $KTOS, $KEYW, and $CVU. Hope this helps someone.[...]
On Microblog: what's the 15 trillion dollar gadget from some small startup that fits in the palm of your hand
You're right on target. It's another pitch by Altucher. Someone knows the name of this company, the only thing that remains is if it is possible, as this guy's picks are questionable.[...]
On Exponential Tech Investor
What is the stock recommendation for the add with the orange hockey puck? Thanks[...]
On Profits Unlimited
I wouldn't think that would be a case of buyer beware, I think it would be more of a case of fraud, and if there is anything out there to substantiate this please let us know[...]
On Friday File: "Mysterious M-Boxes" and more
Travis, what is the exercise price on the warrants?[...]
On Microblog: What do you know of the "Superstocks" in the defense industry being in a position to turn 3 by Trading Tips?
One of them was Kratos Defense I'll have to do some digging for the other two as the info was out over at least a year ago[...]
On Microblog: 1 Stock for the Marijuana Boom - CEO Bets $1.1B on 1 Pot Stock
I'm Curious as to what this could be also[...]
On NuCable: "Company That's About to Kill Cable Television"
This ones coming from Matt McCall and he's listing Verizon as a victim[...]
On Yastine says "This Inconspicuous $20 Stock Could Create America’s Next Wave of Millionaires … Beginning February 15th"
Thanks Travis for the insight, and saving me some money[...]

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