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What are the current 5G Tech companies?

Which look to be the most promising? Thanks Travis. Please forgive me for that Rickard’s e-mail I sent yesterday saying there would be a major disruption in the markets, However if you now how to monitor currency value changes and what’s involved brieflly I’d appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Thanks!

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On Microblog: What are the names of companies involved with %G technology and the internet of things
I meant to write 5G. sorry.[...]
On Microblog: 420 Investors
Thank you, you just saved me $ 1,995 on a subscription to Marijuana Manifesto according to the come one, in addition to the CEO of Perdue (oxycontin) other big hitters in on this is Bill Gates Sanjay Gupta, Peter Thiel, and a few others, he's calling it a [...]
On Microblog: What are the 3 companies Jeff Brown is talking about holing an orange puck that will revolutionize
s/b holding not holing[...]
On Microblog: The most consequential discovery in modern medicine a discovery patented and owned by Google and Bill Gates can make difference
Is this the god key that Brown is talking about ?[...]
On "Kings of Canadian Cannabis" -- Michael Robinson's "$2,000,000 By This Time Next Year" Marijuana Teaser
I bought 100 Tilray at about 22. We had our car lease coming up and as always the wife picked the wrong day to go so I was unaware of what was going on with it. When it hit around 290-300 I would have sold it and bought it back on the drop, I guess some th[...]
On Late Summer Pickings: September 2018
this whole attack on opioid abuse is a failure. Education is the key to success .If a patient doesn't need the drug you have a high propensity towards abuse and addiction, If a patient is in need of pain relief there is less of a chance of addiction or abu[...]
On "By November 8, 2018, Donald Trump Could 'Reboot' the U.S. Dollar" sez Jim Rickards
he says he's bet 1,000,000.00 of his personal money on this and it isn't gold. He's made this prediction so many times now I bet even Mr. Davos is tired of hearing it. What could he have bet that kind of money of his own personal wealth on?[...]
On Alex Green's $3 "Single Stock Retirement Plan" trading under a "Secret Name"
I looked into this with Schwab. In order to buy some shares it will run between 1,000 to 1,500 as you have to buy a certain amount of shares as its not listed on any exchange except Japan and you will pay a premium to own it[...]
On Friday File: Buying Risk and Safety
What about the new coffee company based in China. I know Starbucks has a huge market share there but this company is about to give them some competition[...]
On Friday File: What is the Real Money Portfolio? (Plus a few trades)
Martin, I'm 62 and looking to make enough to keep ahead. How do you deal with the taxes with short term gains?[...]
On Microblog: Defense Contractor $6.00 per shareKent Moor teaser.
The only thing I know of that can travel that fast is $AJRD. I'm hoping someone else confirms this[...]
On Oncotutorial
I got the privilege of watching ovarian cancer take the life of my older sister. She didn't smoke, watched what she ate, exercised, and walked 5 miles a day. She started to get bloating in her abdomen and her doctor from a HIP center told her not to worry [...]
On What the heck are "Alpha Contracts?" Can you really "Lock in $52,000 with just 4 clicks of the mouse?"
Thank you for the thorough education of why I should hide from this rip-off.[...]
On Microblog: What are the Power Elite 30 stocks that make the most returns
This is being advertised by Weiss who is claiming these 30 stocks are responsible for 300 million in profits daily the market.[...]
On One More Dance with Dr. Al Sears … and a Bit of Genuinely Good News
This is amazing, you would think this type of research would be welcomed. But a look at how big Pharma was able to delay the cure for Polio is not surprising, because it's always been about profits over patients. Why there was never a high profile investig[...]
On Microblog: Retire Rich on One $3 Stock
I followed up with Schwab and was informed it was a restricted stock for the US however it could be done through London. But the problem is it's only sold in 1,000 share lots and the fee would be $100.00 and the sale will run about 3,000.00 . They stated[...]
On Microblog: What is the new play issued by Paul Mampilly when he holds up a $10.00 vill and states this is all you need to start
That should read $10.00 bill not vill. Sorry[...]
On Angel's "World's First Trillionaires Will Come From THIS" pitch, detangled
I feel like I'm back at The Internet of Things sales pitch. So Charles is just pushing his idea to give back to those less unfortunate than him. Thanks for the heads up Travis. You saved me from falling for an un-needed subscription.[...]
On Microblog: What's the ne Motley Fool Stock to set me up for life?
NE s/b New sorry[...]
On May 2018 News of Possible Interest
Could a new class of antibiotics b e on the way since they will wind up making Zithromax ineffective?[...]

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