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On Daltorio's "A single, safe, 'blue chip' stock with the potential for a 2,537% windfall."
Not a single comment about Aldi or Lidl?[...]
On Micro-Cap Reporter
I received nothing but a welcome letter after calling and begging for it. Then, the articles would not download and customer service would not respond. I asked for a complete refund but so far, no response! I have been a subscriber in the past but did no[...]
On Daltorio's "A single, safe, 'blue chip' stock with the potential for a 2,537% windfall."
I live in Boise, Id, Albertsons was started here in 1938 and owned the grocery market until a CEO sold out to Smiths out of Utah. That didn't last. And Albertsons eventually went private. In the mean time Albertsons bought Safeway. And Fred Myer - a Kro[...]
On Daltorio's "A single, safe, 'blue chip' stock with the potential for a 2,537% windfall."
I was surprised when Krogers was mentioned. I don't think they are a big deal. I went to Krogers in Ohio earlier this year....although Walmart was next very close....the prices at Walmart were much better. Also the Kroger's store was not that big or gre[...]
On Daltorio's "A single, safe, 'blue chip' stock with the potential for a 2,537% windfall."
bed bath and beyond is cheap too with $7 in cash and generating $500m in free cash flow. How low can it go from here?[...]
On Sniffing out Kent Moors' "OBL Superfuel" -- What's the White Gold "1,693X more powerful than gasoline?"
On Friday File: A Time for Nibblers
I would like to know where you set your stop loss, and if you use a trailing stop loss. Your site has been very helpful.[...]
On Daltorio's "A single, safe, 'blue chip' stock with the potential for a 2,537% windfall."
In our area, we have some good Krogers. But, in our particular town, since it's middle class, we end up with one of the worst Krogers in the area.[...]
On Alex Green's $3 "Single Stock Retirement Plan" trading under a "Secret Name"
I was intrigued by the presentation that Mr. Green; but as I was about to get ahold of the information the website went blank! I tried to get it back to no avail. I wish I knew how to get it back.[...]
On Friday File: A Time for Nibblers
I’ve reduced position size in a bunch of them (many first hit stop losses a while back), which I wrote about as it happened, but I look at them case by case. No other new stop losses triggered that caused me to reconsider this week, but some are close.[...]
On Friday File: A Time for Nibblers
It might help to look at NVDA’s candlestick chart over the last couple of years to determine a good double-down buy or re-entry point for the stock. One-and-a-half years ago, from mid-May to the beginning of July 2017, the price range for NVDA averaged a[...]
On Microblog: Storage of Electricity - #Batteries & BIG image
$FYI - Cheaper, better battery storage will underpin the global modern energy system "By 2040, BNEF reckons the global energy storage market will grow to a cumulative 942GW worth about $US620 billion in investment over the next 22 years." "In the U[...]
On Tactical Investor
Just signed up for free one-month trial. Looking forward to the learning![...]
On What's the "Secret '$50 Marijuana Stock Blueprint'" Pitched by Technology Profits Confidential
Is there more for growth? I am thinking of buy 500.00 of stock wood that be a good move?[...]
On Friday File: A Time for Nibblers
Hey Travis - are you leaning towards divesting any of the other (not commented upon) stocks that are below the stop-loss triggers? TIA![...]
On Microblog: Retire Rich on One $3 Stock
Yes they would have traded much and be on an island on the beach still tradeing . They wouldn't care about selling bulletins!![...]
On "Marijuana Profit-Sharing Plan" teased: What are Jim Pearce's "Marijuana Payouts?"
Earning dividends from investments in Marijuana related businesses is intriguing. Have you looked at Compass Holdings (CODI)? One of the companies they own is a Canadian Hemp company, Manitoba Harvest. CODI currently has a > 9% dividend ($1.40 a ye[...]
On Microblog: This 46-Year-Old CEO Bets $44.2 Billion on One Stock
The article said it was a company most likely haven’t ever heard of[...]
On Friday File: A Time for Nibblers
Don't you mean when adding that you will be buying under average not "over average"?[...]
On What the heck are "Alpha Contracts?" Can you really "Lock in $52,000 with just 4 clicks of the mouse?"
Well, Agora is at it again selling the "Alpha Contracts" Kool-Aid message. Of course they massaged it a bit, since you write this article in response. So glad for Stock Gumshoe to peel back the blinders so as not to get sucked into the Siren song.[...]

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