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I mostly manage my IRA accounts so have a long enough time horizon that I mostly stay fully invested (not much cash sloshing around). However, I do have some cash sitting around in a non-tax-deferred account that’s just sitting there earning around 0.2% (if that). I plan to use that cash in about 1 and […]

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On Solving Mampilly's "The Investment of the Century" Tease about "Tech Industry Set to Surge 76,000%"
Just my opinion but I think there might be traders who are savvy enough to take advantage of the volatility. Maybe. Not me. I'm not a trader. I'm in MU for the long haul. I think it's future looks very bright and I'm not smart enough to know how to ge[...]
On Solving Mampilly's "The Investment of the Century" Tease about "Tech Industry Set to Surge 76,000%"
Paul, that is an excellent summary. Barring a general melt-down in the financial world, I expect MU to be at least $60 in 6 months and headed higher from there. The dangerous assumption is that yes, this time it really IS different and you can't judge MU[...]
On Solving Mampilly's "The Investment of the Century" Tease about "Tech Industry Set to Surge 76,000%"
MU is my largest holding, I've been buying since it was about $15/share in 2015, avg cost now is $31. They have some way exciting new memory tech that "IF" delivered as promised, it will make them a killing. Intel at Open World just bragged BIG time abou[...]
On Fool's "The Tiny Black Box That Could Eliminate Cable" and "Cable TV's Ticking Time Bomb" teasers
I think we all knew what Travis meant. Dave, are you an engineer?[...]
On Friday File: Buying Risk and Safety
Sure glad I finally ponied up and became an irregular guy a few months ago after tagging along as a freebie for 2 or 3 years. I've always enjoyed your writing style and VERY much appreciate the low-key anti-BS way you present. Have held QCOM for quite aw[...]

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