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It is late Sunday 6-1-2014 and I just read an article that oil is going to drop in price on the web won’t use name of article , then on the next article there is this Obama is going to release strict laws on Coal companies tomorrow threw an EPA SPEACH, CHANGING SUBJECTS JUST DOES […]

Gold etc.

I was in Sand before it was Sand probably like you , but I did take some profits off the board , got lucky I guess and now listening to you I get like yes not if but when Gold turns the corner it will run, but I was lucky to be around even cause […]

Good Health

Travis this is not a political thing but the EHTH E HEALTH has been on a tear from this Obama Care , it turned a twenty$ Bill into double and was just wondering what all the irregulars if if anyone got on that ride and do you think along with the thinkalater than it’s running […]

Bank Warrants

TRAVIS YOU WHERE TALKING ABOUT BANK WARRANT A WHINE BACK. I am curious have you came up with more on that and I asked because I started looking into that and I was checking because it looks like the lonng tern financials there might be some more good plays and a good place for 4 […]

Toll Road

I was just wondering if I could find Casey’s two Gold Toll Roads and I don’t mind paying a little for a short cut to avoid the traffic and usually the toll roads are in pretty good shape unless you don’t have change at an off ramp with no cashier around, would these great cars […]

Casey at the Bat

Travis I am fair with all teasers and do diligence and you nack for fine tuning what I am looking for is exceptional. I am a fan of Casey and think he is fair with his projections but I can not find his new or new to me he calls them the : Super Bull […]


Travis I follow what you print and it means more than just a tip on a news letter, you put reason with your points of view. I would never promote another site on yours and this is not a promo it just is another avenue on what I have found to help see what is […]

Travis Jr. Nat Gas

I might spell the letter wrong but seems to be a Shaffer bet all your money on this Jr. Nat Gas or Liquid Gas stock that has no debt etc. under 2.00$ and taken a big chunk of his portfolio bet the bank on before we miss the sinking of the ship that would never […]

Travis any idea on this 160,000.00 by Schaffer on this NAT/GAS or Liquid gas Canada Play for 1$+ in Canada from OGIB his pick of a lifetime drama, he is a good guy but the thinkolater is not partial it speaks the truth as far as long as I have been with you, thanks Good […]


Just got in late and going through mail and have a letter from Pershing who holds some of my stock. Letter says notice of two-for-one common unit split delivered to holders of common units of Holly Energy Partners, L.P. That the partnership will effect Jan. 16, 2013 of record holders of Jan 7, 2013. I […]


Small S Africa mining Orange and Blue deal was very nice and gives back to the chief’s of the tribe and the local infrastructure which always sounds good and the butter is on the bread for all to eat. The ink is not dry yet but they just picked 15 mil$ yesterday from a remarkable […]

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On Kent Moors' "Polymorphic Oil" and the $2 Microcap Selling "Liquid Technology" to the Military
Travis well said and the Govt. is the big killer in this deal. SYNM has deal with the largest private refinery in La. and there in lies the GOVT. connections with the biggest fuel user in the World the US NAVY. A few years back the top dogs yes the Genera[...]
On Microblog: Forgotten Tech Stock
The Forgotten Tech has been Forgotten which is ? Bottarelli is going to make a forgotten play so don't forget about forgotten which will be good to forget but REMEMBER GUMSHOE/TRAVIS/THINKOLATER/MEMBERS OF GUMSHOE, THIS SITE MAKES SENSE OUT OF HYPE! THANK[...]
On "Silent Epidemic Ravages Boomers!"
Travis as always the cream rises to the top! You and your Team are always on top #1![...]
On Microblog: Dr. Steve Sjuggerud IMF October 2015
We all know about the RENMINBI which they use the word YUAN AS THE SHORT SLANG OR THE CURRENCY BUT STEVE has other investments which is what my interest is I already own some physical YUAN but I am sure he has some other investments that might be worth fin[...]
On "You could have bagged 695% profits as oil fell $55" (Penny Oil Speculator)
Very true as the world goes round so does OPEC, Travis lets just say the ball keeps rolling and drops a little more and then levels with just 3 to 5% fluctuation ,how long before OPEC changes there role or do they let the horse just keep walking at the sam[...]
On "Rare Move by FDA to Ignite Tiny $4 Stock" with a "35-to-1 Bang"
Kens right but it won't be the quick pick might have some thing, that they wore on Phase II but they have enough swing to pull them in to make longer trials improve, high single digits to low 10's are a good year play a buck each way. When the hype is gone[...]
On "Breathe Free and Be Rich" -- the "Breathalyzer" that Can Identify Deadly Disease
That must be the spin off from the Gruber device, it is for stupid people that vote and the only thing it hurts is your wallet. Henry you have my sympathy and Quincy hits it right to. Now it will only increase with immigration just use imagination, I am co[...]
On "Solar's Quantum Leap" Pick from Nick Hodge
Does Nick go golfing like someone else when the sun don't shine, the real winners are the sub pennies kind of like when they lowered the grade of copper in a penny. Sure glad the Gumshoe is not the teaser but the tease finder which has paid off many more t[...]
On Microblog: Altius tanking
Generate is a verb or adverb ore is ore not a supplement in wait, which one will show up in the long run oh no leaps allowed here, time to punt I am on the shoe's side if one knows what that means cause only time will tell, spring ahead I would think, taxe[...]
On Friday File Hodgepodge -- Iron, Graphene, Xerox and some ranting
On Miscellaneous Thoughts and Updates for the Friday File
Excellent and relaxing to see how you explain the ups and downs and the sell and come back and p/u later, many of your I want to say competitors but your service is different in a likeable and learning manner, they always say buy on pull backs not to sell[...]
On "Triple-Digit Profits from the Diabetic 'Patch' Company Going to $1 Billion."
Dollars and Politics don't mix unless the lobby is a triple A rating with a White House secret, I don't see the14 person Obamacare giving your doctor approval without them making you use it for 6 mns. and seeing very positive results. The reason I say that[...]
On "Triple-Digit Profits from the Diabetic 'Patch' Company Going to $1 Billion."
Time to hold the horses unless you are in a try anything an still hold the horses to be safe, the hospital or the dollar/doctor will win lets hope some patients reap some benefits or competition puts heat on, they need a better reliable device then the $ w[...]
On Microblog: Ebola: To Parse, Perchance to Parlay
Late input from FDA and J@J partnering behind close doors but the doors are always behind even with dirty 21 day windows, 6 to 12 quarant. prices get the meaning but they got big pockets in there pants or trousers can get some big pant prices on the on th[...]
On What about 'dem Robots? (DeHaemer's "Ride the Robot Revolution" Stocks revealed)
Good play I got in on this before that teaser you are talking about and doubled my position then sold little more than half and on there $ now but plan to keep adding on sum pull backs. I got my info from a tech magazine on Gov. orders but you have good s[...]
On What about 'dem Robots? (DeHaemer's "Ride the Robot Revolution" Stocks revealed)
Pennies to $Dollars EKSO a penny stock jumped to $1.50 and came back down a little ,Google and the DOD could help this little guy grow . Don't play pennies but got in on this from Tech Magazine and sold a little more than half and on there$ now but I thin[...]
On What are Sid Riggs' "Mega Spark" Energy Stocks?
Always strong to the point and well rounded on the teaser marketing end, of coarse that gives you plenty of ammo , but my question is of radar a little. Travis and Thinkolater always busy you are and pretty soon is the daylight time change which always ge[...]
On What is Nick Hodge's "Montel's Miracle" Stock?
That young 93 year old has the best mind of us all, and yet still keeps it an inspiration to us all if you every needed to Say, Holy[...]
On "Seven Times More Profitable Than Apple with Zero Competition"
Don't complain is www. the doctor you got profit and left some on the table well a lot but you can still go back to the table just cost more to order seconds, could have sold for a loss and then bought more thinking bottom and sold for a loss a[...]
On What's Fessler's "Barrel of Oil Six Times Cheaper Than Water?"
Seems to be a lot of not transparency but nothing a good sales person can't take care of, plenty of derivatives to paint many different ways and see what happens to the market and what are neighbors for, remember you are in TX. Can drop more than you thou[...]

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