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Is anybody following American Graphite Technologies (AGIN) and the viability of development of graphene ??? Interesting info … but is this something feasible and possible in the near future … or is it fantasyland. The company was touted by a couple (can’t remember their name) in the process of starting their own investment letter. She […]

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On Microblog: Bitcoin Wallets - Crypto Currencies Speculation

Like many ... I'm just starting to make some sense out of the cryptocurrency world. I've been in the accounting field for a lifetime and struggling to understand the eager acceptance of value of the crypto on exchange. On the surface recording a transactio[...]

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On What's that "August 28 ICO" pitch from Martin Hutchinson about?

I'd just like to know who is the most reliable experts and advisors regarding the crypto-currency industry. Especially ones that don't want nonrefundable $2,000 plus fees for their newsletters. Anybody got any suggestions ??!!![...]

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On Microblog: Transenterix

Did Travis ever respond to the about Transenterix?? If so ... can't find.[...]

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