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Dear members! Who can recommend me Candian (or American) broker? Following requirments are binding: Possibilty to open an account for an Austrian (non Canadian) via internet (plus transferring all necessary documents) unlimited Internet access to the account Easy money transferring (CAD, USD, EUR?) Easy ordering (buy, sell, stop loss, limit…) of stocks in markets (exchanges) […]

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On Microblog: Sandstorm Gold / Sandstorm Metals & energy
Yes Travis, you are right, the man with the big suitcase full of money is not yet in sight, but I can't imagine that all of the work which has been done in recent years should be "worthless", I follow Colossus many years (drilling results, development, mii[...]
On Microblog: Sandstorm Gold Acquisition
Hi Ron! See the postings to your question and the most recent article on seeking alphy to that topic! knd regrds Martin[...]
On Microblog: Sandstorm Gold / Sandstorm Metals & energy
Hi Travis & "All the others", Yesterday I've learned that the "Restructuring" of Colossus ist on the way, and that Sandstorm (I guess together?) will own a 40% stack of the "New Colossus". If the Sierra Pelada project should ever go in production, then th[...]
On Small "Stop Loss" Sale in Speculative Oil
Hello Travis, I've done exactly the opposite and add more shares to my large position. Particular the flow test results and the undervalued "proven reserves" make me feel positive for future expections. Yes, the 2013 report, isn't very "impressive", but it[...]
On Speculative buy on Argentine Gas
There is an excellent newsletter in Germany since about 2 years, which is called "company maker" (from Ulli Pfauntsch). The main focus is on "undiscovered" oil & gas companies. Top recommendation was (and is) Africa Oil in Jannuary 2012!!!. Madalena Ventur[...]
On Microblog: Broker account
Thanks Ray for your hints! I've got contact data from Macquarie Private Wealth Inc. Do you have any experiences or relationships with this company?[...]
On "The Most Shocking Video on the Internet" (What's Curzio's "invisibility cloak" stock?)
Yes, I think, Zimtu is an exellent pick, too. Beside "Graphite-theme" they have holdings in REE, Potash, Niobium, Tantal, Gold in many different Opcos. With their businessmodel, they are building up (step by step) a wide range of intresting investment oppo[...]
On Microblog: Broker account
Thanks Ray for your intersting Infos! One of my objectives is indeed to participate in "IPOs" of smaller mining companies, the other one is to participate in Stock Dividend Porgramms or in DRIPs. It is very difficult (and cost intensiv - keyword double tax[...]
On Prime Time for Royalties
Dear all, Zimtu (ZC in TSXV), I think, is also a very smallbut interesting company, with an extremly exceeding business model. They are focused on interests in small exploration companies (Graphite, Gold, REE). Maybe it's profitable to take a closer look[...]

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