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War Profiteering?

Hi Travis, Is anyone else out there in Gumshoe Land interested in un-teasing Byron King’s discussion on the ”Fifth Domain of War,” using the government’s huge Black Budget? He mentions 7 companies that will make mucho bucks for us ………if you can help us with the symbols. Sounds good to me. What say you gals/guys? […]

Hidden Values Alert

Charles Mizrahi came out with a teaser today on Insider Wealth Alert, leading me to speculate that this particular one has been teased before, about the one stock to play for maximum smart phone profits. I don’t know how I might have missed your take, because I follow your site faithfully, but I would love […]

The “Secret” 770 Account

I just read a very provocative teaser (aren’t they all, though?) from Tom Dyson in his Palm Beach Letter. It talked about a ”secret” 770 Account that is taken advantage of by a huge list of the very wealthy, not to mention by banks and other financial institutions, This 770 Account gives a steady 5%interest, […]

Motley Fool Tech Teaser

I am very amxious to have my favorite mighty thinkolator reveal the Three Kings of Cloud the Motley Fool Rule Breakers are teasing this week. They call them all ”Top Dogs and First Movers”, but I would rather know their names and symbols. Can you help? Thanks in advance. Marilyn Scott

The Presidents Club is bribing now

Robert Williams is pushing the Wall Street Daily’s Presidents Club with the offer of an all expense paid trip to New Yorp, a couple of day’s stay at the Trump Soho Hotel plus parties etc. etc. While there the attendees will listen to Louis Basanese’s announcement of his ” dividend accellerator” plan, plus one other […]

Too good to be true?

Hi Travis, I just received another teaser from the Oxford Club ( this is the 2nd time), about 6 companies putting together 1.2 trillion ( that’s with a ”T”!) as some kind of secret pact to save America. It is supposedly a unified project to end all deficits, bring employment down to 4%, send the […]

A Technology Teaser

Just received a teaser from an Agora website called Breakthrough Technology claiming ”Counterfeit Revenge: The only company the Pentagon trusts to bring China’s Counterfeit Trade to its knees.” It uses plant DNA to catch thieves of all types. It is a small Long Island company, virtually unknown, but already with government endorcement and enforcement and […]

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On David Gardner's "The Next" Stock
David Gardner just came out with a new pitch about apple's secret interest in a company to help them come out with a self-driving car. What is your take on this, Travis?[...]
On Motley Fool's "Top Stock for the Fourth Industrial Revolution"
Hi Travis, In today's article you printed an advertisement about an anti-cancer shot that is on the fast track for FDA approval. It has already received a Nobel Award, which is some kind of powerful recommendation! Would you kindly turn on your thinkolato[...]
On Microblog: Alzheimer's Wrap-Up
What a comprehensive article this was. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! From the daughter, sister and niece of now deceased Alzheimer patients, I sucked up your wisdom like a drowning person does air. You have given me hope. Now all I have to do is liv[...]
On Hay Fever, Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis, or What You Will
This is a recent teaser request for the mighty thinkolator to reveal:: Chris Mayer of Agora Financial is teasing us to buy his newsletter in order to find the "Executive DividendCodes" that will make us all super-wealthy in both bull and bear markets.....[...]
I just received my first posting from Robert Williams' Red Bulletin and it turned out to be an announcement of AstraZaneca's x-dividend payout of $ .90 per share. They hinted at more information in a couple of weeks. I figured I could be a sport for $ 7.9[...]
On Microblog: Dogs Are A Man's Best Friend: Part 1 of The Dogs of the Dow
Changing the subject: The Oxford Club is running an old teaser they have used before about "Saving America" and the 6 huge companies that are investing 1.2 trillion to do so. They are referring to natural gas and the distribution of it as well as conver[...]
On De Castro's "Just $9 of this rare metal can cut the weight of a car by 220 pounds"
Jeff Opdyke's legthy article from the Oxford Club, on how to survive the coming demise of the American dollar and the fact that Ft. Knox is empty of gold, makes a lot of sense to me....all except the price: $250. Would you please put on your fabulous thin[...]
On Microblog: Market Acrophobia - The Fear of Falling
Well, it seems the Blind Squirrel has thrown us all a teaser himself. I also would like him to name the three comanies that he is waiting to pounce upon when the timing is right. Right? Marilyn[...]
On Microblog: War Profiteering?
What's going on? The stuff that is coming through on my pages are like an April Fools Day Joke. Include me out! MS[...]
On What is "Passive Income Trader?"
At risk of changing the subject, I am very curious about the Byron King's 5th Dominion of War, his 7 companies for cyber security, and the Black Budget investment he is teasing in one combined e-mail. Would you please turn on your amazing thinkolator and [...]
On Microblog: Hidden Values Alert
Hi Travis, I don't think this teaser is Corning, because Charles Mizrahi mentions it as " a chip that goes into every cell 'phone sold and is paid as a royalty". That should make a nice income, no? Please check again. Thanks, Marilyn PS: I al[...]
On What's Cabot Small-Cap Confidential's "Stock of the Decade?"
Many thanks to Tanglewood. I really appreciate your info and web address for the company. Qualcomm sounds very interesting, though expensive. I guess you get what you pay for. Will try it. Double thanks. You are all so helpful. Marilyn[...]
On What's Cabot Small-Cap Confidential's "Stock of the Decade?"
Hi Travis. A toll-bridge stock? Now THAT interests me. If you all don't mind me changing the subject , Charles Mizrahi has teased about a royalty stock that offers a nice payout to owners of the stock on every smart phone sold. EVERY. Must be a very vi[...]
On Microblog: Drug Patents and Generic Drugs: What Does This Mean to Us?
Hi Travis, What can you tell your subscribers about the "Hollyood Contracts" that claim to generate fast income involving no buying or selling of stocks. Is it another some kind of "put and call" deal? MS[...]
On Microblog: Too good to be true?
Thanks, Glenn, Your answers are to the point and concise. I appreciate your thorough research on the "Too Good to be True"? topic. Marilyn[...]
On Microblog: SAND
Hi Travis, I was wondering if you have an opinion on a teaser Daily Wealth ( A Stansberry product), listed today, although it may be a repeat that I missed. It touted the 5 things you can do to survive the coming demise of the dollar and predictable[...]
On Microblog: Too good to be true?
The Oxford Club is touting these 6 companies again. Iread through it all, and their plan to save America actually sounds very provocative. Would you please check out these companies and reveal their symbols? Apparantly they are open to investment, I thin[...]

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