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I join an investment info service and then go to the first webinar offered; only to find that to get any specific info one would have to pay BIG BUCKS………some $2000.00 !!! And this AFTER I joined True Markup Insider………….. Definition of bait and tease….? Anyway, expect the info regarding the ’End of the Airport’ […]

These pitchmen are so much alike. They advertise that you can find out about some great opportunity by listening to a webinar; then after hours of spiel we find out that you must pay $5K or $2500 to get the names. Ian Wyatt Earp is one of them. the Final Five Crypto guy is another. […]

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On Microblog: final Five Cryptos

ThankYou, vented frustrations in comment. Your response was appreciated, balanced & thought out. Onward & Upward.[...]

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On What's this "Dark Burst" Business from Michael Robinson?

Thanks TRAVIS.... Have to say, how is it that these newsletter scammers can be so blatant with misinformation [ L I E S ] in their ad copy ! that (any existing) solar panel will work at nite!! ? Travis you are a shinning beacon of truth in these dark t[...]

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On Friday File: Markman's $5 "Next Cisco"

Stock Gum Shoe has saved me thousands of $$$; as I am motivated to increase my retirement funds, and being new to the markets, tended to get caught up in hyped opportunities. Still very busy with music career, so don't have much time to investigate on my[...]

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On "Motley Fool Triples Down on 'Millionaire-Maker' Stock" -- which one?

Trying add BRK-B to tdameritrade account will not accept sysmbol !! ? ?[...]

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