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Where is the war on Oil going. Not much in the media of the Russian /Arab politics . There must be some good cheap Oil stocks to take a nibble at? How much longer will Mr Buffet hold off buying back his shares . It doesn’t look as if the market has finished hammering BRK/B […]

These promo’s are so entertaining , the numbers feel as if you have left a finger on the zero . why do they have to shout at the screen for half an hour , my ears are ringing . and did their mum’s feed them on bird seed , (parrot repeating syndrome,) but we do […]

WHY HAVE GGB offered to swap their shares for Aphria’s , even at 1.5714 multi . Tuesday prices are not working( Apha 9.7 …GGB 4.24 x1.5714 =6.662) or have I missed something.

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On Digging into Teeka Tiwari's "Genesis" -- What are the "Three Must-Own Stocks that Will Power Blockchain’s 295,000% Revolution"

I would like to start from basics and find a slow detailed intro into the whole business of ‘bitcoin’ I failed to keep up when it first came out,[...]

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On Checking out Mampilly's "Warehouses Hold Key to $3.1 Trillion Revolution" pitch

Wow, it’s a good feeling to read a report from someone with all the tech on how . I can only hope it’s all true.[...]

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On Million Dollar Portfolio (Wyatt)

I didn't at first join Gumshoe for this pre-warning service but what a value for money GUMSHOE is.[...]

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On "America's #1 Retirement Stock" from Whitney Tilson and Empire Financial

It has come at an opportune time for me, I divested to cash for the year end, mainly irritation with the spanish demand for a full disclosure on form 720 where it is required that both purchase And sale actions are recorded in detail thereby creating a h[...]

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On Crow's Nest, The

The info from the newsletter has proved to be very profitable. The general suggestions and helpful links. Showed a successful direction to accumulated long term dividend portfolios and it has been very easy to follow.[...]

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On Looking into Nick Hodge's "Crypto66" and a "Bizarre Crypto Opportunity"

I am enthused by your straight forward honest logic and envious of your clarity of thinking a shame there aren't more like you , but then we would’t Find out how miss leading sales talk is if you weren’t there to point it out. I started by following M[...]

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On "Bigger than Penicillin" ... what's Mengel's "Molecule of the Century" that "makes medical marijuana up to 80X more powerful?"

Your appraisal of the molecule of the century convinced me to subscribe to your ‘musings’ . I have invested where JM has signaled and had more success than expected . Your writings have shown you do know a thing or two and make what I now see as honest[...]

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