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ROICW. Geared REIT play

Auch – managed to pick up some ROICW for $1.11, and so far sitting on an 18% loss (at $0.9 currently). I am well aware that this is a geared investment with a potential total loss – but would like to hear any thoughts/insights about this baby Travis or others might have. Cheers!

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On Microblog: Dogs Are A Man's Best Friend: Part 1 of The Dogs of the Dow
Blind Day Trader; the main risk I see with your plan of selling covered calls on Dogs of Dow is that a spike in any of the stocks over the mont ,say from $48 to $60 on great earnings - with a covered call sold at say $50 for a 1% extra income(premium) woul[...]
Since the 20% is based on the "highest water mark" (of book value) and with gold being well down -it could be a while before they get back into the fat and nice(for them!) 20% performance collecting. I have not looked at the specific numbers though. Cheers[...]
On Thoughts on Some Recent Winners and Losers
STTYF just ruined my day.... :( Will await Travis's comments and consider a double down! Cheers![...]
On Microblog: Sandstorm Metals down 50% for the year (YTD)
I am referring to Sandstorm Metals STTYF) not SAND which Travis recently had a good write up about. cheers![...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron--Elements and Energy
I like this input too! If someone want to dip their toes in your different prefered areas(precious metals, uranium, gas Etc, which would be the prefered ONE stock from each sector at current prices? Asking that as the list,got well long after taking notes [...]
On Friday File: What's up with Sandstorm Gold?
Thank you for this - owning SAND (and having picked up more during the drop) certainly keeps me awake! Cheers![...]
On Small Bullion Royalty Play in Trouble
Personally I have been picking up more SAND at every 10% drop, so have quite a lot of shares (for me!) currently! They have plenty of cash onhand, and markets like these should be the perfect storm to negotiate new deals with cash strapped smaller miners. [...]
On Microblog: Disappointing SAND
Owning SAND, AAPL and other hits, have made this a bad year for me so far...sniffle.... even more annoying reading about new highs on the (US) markets daily.... ;) Cheers![...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron
Hi Myron, Thanks for the interesting input. I will look forward to more. Cheers![...]
On "The Death Of Microsoft — And The Dawn Of Its Rapidly Growing Replacement"
Kraft idiot!? Are you Danish by any chance?[...]
On Personal Portfolio Updates from a Wild Week
No comments on SAND? Believe was your biggest holding before this wk? Also, what price did you get BPFHW at? Cheers! Ben[...]
On Microblog: SAND
Hi Todd, Yes - that is the tricky part about SAND. Great management and vision, but if in a sector that is taking a beating they will of course still suffer. Yesterday we saw a healthy 10% rebound (back to my most recent buying price of USD 7 - so I did n[...]
On Microblog: SAND
I could not resist to double down at USD 7, so will now wait it out and pray.... ;o)[...]
On Microblog: SAND
SAND at 7 bucks....can...not....resist......![...]
On Berkshire, Russian Dividends, Gold and Big Data
SAND dropped another 8% yesterday and now sitting at closer to $8 than to $9. Quite the ride with SAND down around 30% YTD while gold (GLD) just down 6% and with other sectors sitting at all time highs (S&P500 up 5% YTD). I also pulled the graphs for ju[...]
On Sandstorm Steps Away from "Politically Stable" Focus, Gets Punished as Gold Falls
Wow the sale continues! Now Sand at $9.15! Picking more up. Travis; believe SAND (Incl. Warrants) is(was?) your biggest holding? Hope there is still money for food at Gumshoe mountain![...]
On Sandstorm Steps Away from "Politically Stable" Focus, Gets Punished as Gold Falls
Certainly on sale now - seeing it at $9.70 right now - am picking some up![...]
On What's the "Queen's Shocking Private 'Account'"
No money for stamps here currently; am still holding a bunch of tulip bulbs i am trying to unload.....[...]
On One Way to Support a Stock Price ...
Hi Coherence, Well, can you be a bit more specific please? - if you refer to the W8-BEN form then I have already supplied my broker with that - being the reason I get the tax agreed 15% foreign withholding tax deducted on US company dividends rather than [...]
On Microblog: Travis buys?
Hi Julie! Happy New Year! :o) Travis will generally update us through his daily/weekly updates. You should not expect "timed" buy and sell recommendations as such, more of a pro/con evaluation of a stock/idea of the month, followed by his own thoughts an[...]

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