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On Micro Energy Trader
Kent recommended people buy oil wells. He put together 3 or 4 projects (one was an add on) We have received close to $0 on the projects. When oil isd up, no drilling rigs available when oi is down - not profitable to drill.[...]
On Friday File: Buying More 5G, Earnings Season Thoughts, and more...
Altius (ATUSF) is testing my patience as a long time investor...every quarter on.. again and again.. and like no other! Do you have any comment regarding the poor performance the stock has been doing for ages up to now? Thanks[...]
On Friday File: A Cloud Growth Swap, and a little timid buying as worries mount
Travis, have you seen Jeff Browns show on 5g Stock to buy? He list a number stocks to look in too. ie tsm,Swks, Not, glw[...]
On Friday File: A Cloud Growth Swap, and a little timid buying as worries mount
Those have both come up in past discussions, I think, though I haven't been interested in either. My expectation is that any profits made in the long term in CBD will be as a result of brand power and distribution... not cost of production or the specific[...]
On Friday File: A Cloud Growth Swap, and a little timid buying as worries mount
Yes, I own shares of Fibra Uno, which trades at FUNO11 in Mexico and FBASF OTC in the US. Details of my holdings are in the Real Money Portfolio[...]
On Cancer: the Changing Landscape in 2019
Classified Cancer Answers[...]
On Friday File: A Cloud Growth Swap, and a little timid buying as worries mount
hello Travis - is it FBASF - that you are refering to ? the stock you own .[...]
On Tom Gentile's Money Calendar
I am signed up for 3 of his programs. His performance on all three is pitiful There are two things he does that are infuriating. First, there is absolutely no customer service. I have made numerous inquiries over the last two years and never heard a wo[...]
On Microblog: ..50 pot stock hype by Teeka Taware from Balm Beach Research
Hello the_widget, I'm late to this discussion. Would it be at all possible to share the CBD picks please? Following and learning and if I can help in return let me know Kindest regards,[...]
On Microblog: Quantum Loop/Trader
On Microblog: What is Paul Mampilly's "Stock of the Century?
I’m not sure what the big deal is! Yes Blockchain is BIG technology, but computer chips are only enablers of it, just like computer servers are. No servers, no computers, no blockchain! It’s like no water, no Cannibis. Should we all go invest in [...]
On Friday File: A Cloud Growth Swap, and a little timid buying as worries mount
Oops, update error — sorry. Yes, Arista has hit a stop loss level a couple times this year. I have re-analyzed it a few times, so far each time I’ve decided not to sell — and usually to buy a little more.[...]
On Friday File: A Cloud Growth Swap, and a little timid buying as worries mount
Travis it looks like Arista Networks #ANET should be in red for the stoploss in the Real Money Portfolio[...]
On What's Katusa's "Forever Royalties?" Ian Wyatt teases that this "Canadian Insider Reveals #1 Stock for 1,993% Profits"
I have lost 1000's following Wyatt and Andy Crowder. I feel Wyatt is a total charletan, and Crowder, while is his youtube seems sincere, I do not believe it is.[...]
On Are 3.1 Million Electric Vehicles now Obsolete because of "1-1-8" Technology? Who's the big Winner Teased by Casey's Dave Forest?
Sorry Travis and all, Don’t know how I missed this in the search today.[...]
On 25 Cent Trader
So what is the special thing about placing the trades at 10am? What is Nomi Prins methodology behind her trades?[...]
On Microblog: Palm Beach Venture - what are the stocks in a recent advertisement
Here is a long excerpt from the Pal Beach venture ad.... Time is of the essence. America’s legal pot test run is slated to start September 1. When it does, $340 billion of institutional capital will flood into the pot stocks of America. And early inv[...]
On Friday File: A Cloud Growth Swap, and a little timid buying as worries mount
I think Trulieve (TCNNF) is the best priced U.S. cannabis retailer at the moment.[...]
On Microblog: Casey Research about the 1-1-8 Technology, the $2 stock to revolutionize electric cars, International Speculator
I believe this refers to Ivanhoe Mines(IVPAF) covered last Feb 2019.[...]
On Retraction or Addition? "This Tiny Company From Waterloo Just Bet $1.4 Billion on Artificial Intelligence..."
I've bought and sold many times. It is listed as BB. Maybe I will buy again.[...]

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