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Dear Reader, Highlight it. Circle it on your calendar. Do whatever you need to do in order to remember this date: August 30. According to my colleagues at The Oxford Club, on that day, you’re likely to see one stock going absolutely gangbusters on the cover of The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Yahoo! Finance. […]

Not sure if this has been brought up before .But the above apparently has ”Newtons Code” which Billionaires left right and centre use to trade and make millions, sorry billions. It is 3 grand to sign up. Anyone have any ideas?

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On Microblog: Seeking unbiased recent review of Dave Gonigam and "Profit Wire" newsletter.

Not sure how his service is doing, but the disaster trade is buying put options on the VIX and maybe various indices in the very least.[...]

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On Microblog: Profit Wire Disaster Insurance

Obviously buying put options on various entities.Not rocket science[...]

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On “New IPO Gold Royalty Stock Is My Next 1,000% Winner”

Wild and wacky but profitable [did well on my 4.50 AMC calls]. But retail punters, to push silver to some crazy price? I wish as I hold a reasonable amount, BUT it ain't gonna happen. That would be akin to trying to move the Biggest American warship with [...]

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On What's with this "Pre-IPO Code" Stuff from Jeff Brown?

Yes I bt some OXY warrants, paid $3.99.I did not buy a lot. I am much more options trader, so just adding a little variety.[...]

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On Microblog: Alexander Green's # 1 Microcap for 2020

Just saw that promo now. He says that the company is backed by Sequoia Capital. If you go to You can see all the companies they back on their website. I do not have the time to click on every one of them. But if someone does, they might f[...]

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On Michael Robinson's "ONLY Solution" for COVID-19 (with June 30 Results Expected!)

What the f##k? I thought this was an investment website.[...]

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On Microblog: 5 coins to 5 million

If he could invest just $2500-[5x500] to make 5 million and he is supposed to be rich so could invest a lot more, why bother to sell subscriptions?[...]

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On Friday File: One Sell, One Short, A few add-on Buys... plus some quarterly updates

Shorting is really better for professional or experienced traders. You could just buy puts instead. The only risk is the premium you pay.[...]

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On "This Defense Supplier Could Help the U.S. Win the Trade War... surge 1,127% within the next 6 months"

As an Aussie Broker , I can tell you Lynas has been in and out of the news here for more years than I can remember. Sometimes good news but mostly troubling. I think Lynas is a pure punt.So I have a little bit just in case. But you would be very brave to h[...]

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On "The ‘Everything App’ Goes VIRAL" teases huge growth for Aussie stock

I am in Sydney and a Stockbroker, so I know this stock well, as some of my clients bought it. I have actually met that Chinese lady entrepreneur, as she was promoting yet another new Company. This Company made big promises about how it was going to become [...]

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On Microblog: Alpha Contracts

Now down to $1250. Maybe not getting enough punters. Original pitch 'when the slots are gone, they are gone" looks like they are not "gone" regards Les.[...]

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On Microblog: Distributed Ledger Technology

Does not look like" Distributed Ledger Technology" went in to heading.[...]

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On Microblog: 1000 % guareented by year end

He claims to guarantee 1000% return by xmas.[...]

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On Stop Loss Sale (partial) posted

Bt at 72 c and 86c. USD Sold at $2.25 and 2.86 USD Still hold some but pretty happy as I am in Australia so USD to AUD pretty useful.[...]

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On "$1 Silver Trade Poised to Surge 406% in the Next 90 Days"

As an option trader for many years and options educator, I find that most people who trade options don't really understand options. Ok so I am long the physical and options gold and silver. But if i think one or both are going down I will buy shorter dated[...]

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On "On September 16, some 100 billion dollars could begin to flow into one sector of the market..."

Hi, do you know anything about Gerardo Del Real and his Resource Stock Digest Premium. He is pitching his service ,starting with 5 new Gold plays.[...]

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On "The Great Saudi Oil Jihad" Picks teased by Kent Moors

I signed up for his service a few years ago. He recommended 16 stocks and not one made any advance,in fact i sold half or more at a loss.[...]

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On Microblog: Looking for a stock broker account in Australia or in UK.

Hello, I am biased of course as I am a full service broker in Sydney Australia. I trade in Australian and U.S.Stocks ,Options, Commodities and we do quite a lot of IPO's. Mainly in the Resource sector, but others as well. We have just completed a reasonab[...]

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On Microblog: Have you mentioned this one?


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