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Pacific Ethanol, PEIX

It’s volatile. It’s already runup but I still think it has potential. I got Pacific Ethanol, PEIX, from Keith Schaefer late last year. I had been taking his newsletter for over a year and ignored GPRE because it was an ethanol stock. When he recommended PEIX, I decided to look harder because GPRE had done […]

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On What's Schaefer's "My Greatest Winner of All Time Will NOT Be an Oil or Gas Stock" tease all about?
I used to subscribe to Schaefer. He isn't a typical newsletter writer in that he only writes about stocks he owns. He has hits and misses, but it's definitely not a pump and dump. He definitely talks his own book and I'm sure is very happy with the stoc[...]
On Microblog: Junk Silver
Junk silver is becoming harder to find at a reasonable price. If paying $2-3 above spot is ok, you can still buy it from reputable coin dealers like Provident Metals, Gainesville or Apmex. Sometimes shipping can be a sneaky add to cost so always make yo[...]
On Microblog: silver
silver had a big day on Friday. Silver has always been more volatile than gold but has trailed gold so far in 2016. Recently silver has been rallying harder than gold and the gold/silver ratio is declining from a historically high ratio in the mid 70's. [...]
On Some Stupid Ideas for the Month
I have a tiny position in UBR.v from C$.04. Been waiting for the testing to get done. Promising so far but will be interesting to see if they can actually commercialize the process and get a big solar panel producer to use their product. The fact that t[...]
On Some Stupid Ideas for the Month
I bought a little CLH.v because of the cash cushion. I have also recently bought several gold miners that have risk but look undervalued. is a West African gold miner. They got in trouble during the startup of their mine. They were short o[...]
On "Extraterrestrial Gold" ... "Tesla is betting it all on this tiny $1 company" says Oil & Gas Trader
It won't explode like the cow pasture junior explorers but I own Orocobre, It is located in Argentina and is a producer. It is ramping up production from the current 2400 tonnes/qtr to nameplate capacity of 4375 tonnes/qtr by fall 2016. It[...]
I bought Osisko Gold Royalties Warrant A a few weeks ago. It has an exercise price of 19.08, maturity of 2/26/19 and a current price of C$3.50. Bought it thru Interactive so was able to buy in Canada. The underlying royalty company is new, created out o[...]
On "This No-Name Company Is Set to Expose the #1 'Deadly Flaw' in Every Single Smartphone and Tablet on the Planet"
You mentioned that one of the possible goals is to have refrigerators transmit wireless power continuously to any device that needs charging. Isn't that going to affect the refrigerator's power consumption? Now, I'm assuming my charger only draws juice w[...]
On Add on buy in gold
I like Endeavour Mining Corporation, +.22 to C$10.50 Endeavour used to be a finance company for miners but over the past several years has assembled a nice stable of 5 producing mines in West Africa. Their finance expertise plus demonstra[...]
On November "Idea of the Month" Is a Buy from the Watchlist, Plus an Update on Crius
I'm a Schaefer subscriber. He reviewed the Crius qtr this morning. The solar installations are going to be the source of any big profit surprises and hence the driver of the stock price. He noted that Q4 will likely suffer from the switchover from Solar[...]
On Should you "Own This Sleeper Stock Before April 30, 2015?"
Gold stocks are due for a rebound after three miserable years of a bear market. I sold most of my gold stocks but have kept two producers. The sector is so beaten down, even profitable, well run companies are cheap. I hold, Endeavour Mine[...]
On "Potash Riches: Why a 1,295% Gain Is Ahead for this Company’s Stock" (Mitchell Clark)
There are really two different potash products. MOP is the typical potash that is mined and sold by Potash, AGU and IPI. All the traditional potash stocks have gotten hammered due to the breakdown of the cartel as well as the fall in MOP prices. But S[...]
On Microblog: Benitec (BNIKF)
I'm a new holder. Bought last week at 1.26 and added some tonight at 1.08. Stock will likely be weak until the company signs up some participants in the trial.[...]
On Microblog: In A Brutal Biotech Market, A Reason to Be Excited: Introducing Regado Biosciences
I had to chase this morning but bought RGDO for myself and family members. My Dad had to use coumadin and it was a pain. RGDO looks like they have a well supported alternative that should help in coronary procedures as well as eventually being used as a [...]

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