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Greetings, Earthlings, This Thursday, I#038; listened to a Video about a new Solar Company that has developed a Technology that improves Solar wattage, & will make the Solar Panels cost about half of what they are now. I got bored, about 20 minutes in, listening to all of the Chest Pounding, & so I went […]

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On What's the "$1.10 A Day Retirement Plan?"

Once, the Hedge Funds have bought in, & made their profits, What is the beauty of these divi's? I don't by stocks that are this high, when there are some SCREAMING deals out there right now Anyone heard of PCGS? They grade coins & they pay a very Nice D[...]

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On "The find of a lifetime in Africa" (Energy Strategist)

Hello Slick Rick My M.O. is to buy undervalued company's, While they are sleepers. No use buying a Giant that all of the Hedge Funds, are heavily invested in. Buy the Trophy Small Caps, that have good Income & Assets. You will earn your share o[...]

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On "Cleaning Up: How One Company Has Discovered A Way To Profit Big From The Fracking Process"

Hello Everyone, Oil, Water, Gas Company's that look reasonable to me that are cheap: GPR Has acreage & wells. The best one is the Monterey Shale. They do not spend any money on advertising. Can't wait for this one to go online & up. There are pipelines[...]

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On Buying, Fretting and Re-Checking Some Possibilities

I, too looked at N. Graphite, but did not buy. Just got an email on a wanna be rare earth co: BFLD at $.10 The Hottest Growth Ind. to me are still, Legal Marijuana NG/Petro Real Estate. You gotta have a place to call home. MJNA was the most [...]

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On What's the Water Play for "Eagle Diesel?"

I listened to this Spiel, yesterday, Feb. 9, 2013. I don't know how he can call GTLS small cap, at $66 a share. I can buy 3 good water stocks, for the price of that one. $55 billion went into the market in January, & Stansberry is giving us old [...]

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On Microblog: New Solar Technology

I think, I found it. It is NENE[...]

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On "Saudis to Quit Oil Business?" Penny Shale Firms

...From now on, there Pitch Vid's have 3 minutes to come to the point, or the Gong.[...]

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On "If you find any of these coins floating around, you may want to begin saving them.."

So, I never listened to the end of the Sales Pitch Vid for this "Coin Info." How much did they want, to sell this info for?[...]

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