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Poster Stansberry Tease: Let’s take the weakest player in the mall space. I’m talking about a major mall operator that can’t afford its existing interest expenses. No, I’m not kidding. One company on our list has an equity value of almost $3 billion. Meanwhile, it can’t generate enough cash to cover its interest expense, assuming […]

I would love to see stock gumshoe do more than reveal teaser stocks by creating a credibility metric for the source of a specific teaser. i.e. ”XYZ’ s teased stock is Blammo Corp.” In 2009 through 2011, XYZ’s recommendations returned x per cent. I know there is an end of year analysis of percentage gains […]

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On Responses to Questions and Comments: August 2021

Doc Gumshoe, a while back you mentioned Aramchol meglumine as an upcoming medication for NAS. Where does that drug stand in the approval process?[...]

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On Microblog: One Stock For The Cannabis Boom

Thanks for the insight![...]

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On Become one of Travis' favorite people!

I too am an irregular. Have been for a long time. Love the Doctor Gumshoe reports too.would like to throw XXII into the ring as having a low nicotine cigarette, which may benefit from the hoo hah over vaping and potential government regulation of nicotine[...]

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On Friday File Hodgepodge: India, Gold and Stop Losses

Yatra Online, Inc. (YTRA) is Shark Investing's stock of the week.[...]

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On Cabot's "Don't Miss the Big Turnaround in Emerging Markets" Stocks

A Motley Fool pick since late 2015.[...]

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On Microblog: Doc Gumshoe's Responses to Recent Comments

As a now-retired radiologist I have long been infuriated by "experts" who claim doctors are overdiagnosing and overtreating breast cancer. The death rate from breast cancer has been in decline for quite a while, but you would be led to believe by these peo[...]

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On Microblog: America's Secret Shale Play

Thanks very much! Other analysts have been very negative on Cheniere.[...]

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