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On Friday File: Two New Small-Cap Buys in Hated Businesses, Two (partial) Big Tech Sales
Thanks again for your insights. My only comment is that I believe the vaping debacle will get much worse. Prevalence of lung illness cases from vaping is skyrocketing. No BS. It’s truly astounding to see. I personally dealt with 2 cases yesterday in[...]
On Friday File: "Trophy Assets"
Yeah, it’s down for a reason. I’m investigating further too. Will get back to you[...]
On Friday File: "Trophy Assets"
Enjoy the woods. As a guy returning from a 2 week vacation tomorrow I’ll remind you to bring the bug spray/repellent. Any thoughts on GLRE before you go? It’s on my watchlist because of you and looks like it could be at a buy point?[...]
On Will Trump Publicly Back "USACoin" to Become New No. 1 Crypto?
Well, I’d say this one deserves an update Travis.... in light of current events[...]
On Frank Curzio shot with "Batman"/"Air Cuff" Device to tease a Stock -- which one?
Of course, the moment I buy a few shares, I see the secondary announced at $6.50/share.[...]
On Friday File: India, China, the Big Picture for 5G, and a bit of Selling
Travis, I just looked up MINDX and see zero volume today. Doesn’t that concern you or am I missing something?[...]
On What's the "Netflix's Worst Nightmare" stock teased by RiskHedge
Appreciate you teasing out this one. I’ve been bombarded with Risk Hedge emails and was wondering. I own a small amount of ANET. Will look to add more on dips but it seems like we have time to add on this name.[...]
On Ten Major Threats to Global Health According to the World Health Organization
So, we have doc gumshoe and stock gumshoe. I just grasped this. Was wondering how Travis had such a good handle on medical topics. I’m slow I guess. Thoughts on GH as an Investment?[...]
On Friday File: "Mysterious M-Boxes" and more
I have to admit I bought some Zayo then sold it shortly before this pop. I received the advice that “one should never buy a company hoping for a buyout.” So, I chickened out. Apparently I was wrong. It’s only a buck or so above where I first boug[...]
On Short Bits for a Short Month
Indeed. I was trying to say that Doc did a very good write up. Clinicians often struggle to keep up with the latest science but experience, skill, and focus on the patient make up the bulk of quality care, IMO.[...]
On Short Bits for a Short Month
Too well written for someone without a medical background. Hmmm, Doc gumshoe may be telling Strong write-up[...]
On Microblog: Gold vs Dollar. Edelson vs Dent
I read the Sevens report daily and to summarize they say the trend for gold is bullish. Dow is bearish- based on Dow theory. “Gold • Technical View: Gold has been stuck in a compressing range since late 2016, but reg- istered a higher low in early O[...]
On Microblog: The Coming Global Currency Realignment...Gold Standard in the near future ?
Could I ask for an update on Altius here? I’ve been a buyer here around $9. Looking for some insights, guidance[...]
On Friday File: Annual Review completed, Plus a New Special Situation
Interest in buyout by private equity just as Gumshoe spoke of. I bought some yesterday a bit too high and added today. Small position. Will see[...]
On Will Trump Publicly Back "USACoin" to Become New No. 1 Crypto?
I’ve tried and mostly failed to make any gains in the crypto arena. I did buy ripple labs stock in 2017 privately through SharesPost. It seems like the ultimate disruptor to me. Only time will tell though. So far, it’s a rough space to be invested [...]
On Friday File: Annual Review completed, Plus a New Special Situation
Just joined the premium bc I enjoy reading your content. Researching your portfolio now for some pick ups. Already in Arista pretty heavily and SAND, which the later is a pick I got from your regular member content before upgrading. Will see...[...]

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