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Myron sure has the picture.

The USA government (and many other governments) are composed of people who know little about production and a lot about writing rules and red tape, and how to feather their own nests. Not sure what can be done about it because the current mind set of voters is that we must have governments in order […]

Let’s make a million on the solver markets

I have met the guy who is promoting this newsletter. He seems like a typical person – – not a promoter. But then Stansberry got him to jump into the fray. See it at http://www.stansberryresearch.com/pro/1111DOOSILVD/EGSAMB34/PR?o=540339&s=544306&u=55237542&l=343395&r=Milo And let us know how we can make a million without paying the fat-fee required. Bud Wood

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On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — A Contrast in Gold Miners
Myron: You look good with that gold bar. You should have been allowed to take it home with you. Bud Wood[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — A Historic American Treasure
There are indications that the CAD will be a much stronger currency than the US$ will be. When? I guess that such might occur within two years. Therfore, it behooves me to invest in Canadian stocks with CAD if I can. Bud Wood[...]
On Will FT-900 Bring about the "next 9/11" in April, 2014? What is Jeff Opdyke talking about?
I certainly have no information regarding a US dollar crash. However, such could be temporarily beneficial to the powers that be in the USA government. In the meantime, there seems to be likelihood that several USA states will secede. If so, there will [...]
On "Small-Cap Superstar That Cisco, Verizon and Comcast Can't Do Without!"
Seems that political leanings tend to be related to residential locations. Take Germany in the 1930s and Germany now.[...]
On "Small-Cap Superstar That Cisco, Verizon and Comcast Can't Do Without!"
My comment above should have been here, below Vivian Lewis' comment.[...]
On "Small-Cap Superstar That Cisco, Verizon and Comcast Can't Do Without!"
I noted that Amazon.com sells a number of hearing "amplifiers". Some are low cost and have very good customer ratings.[...]
On VIC -- Whitney Tilson's Big Short
A poor company in a rising market will probably do well because a rising tide will bouy up even a leaky boat.[...]
On Microblog: Executor / Estate...help
Is this 22K from your "Step Father's account" or is it simply an unclaimed fund? If the latter, it may not have anything to do with your Step Father's legacy. If that's the case, it sounds that this guy is using you. Any subsequential hassle is not wo[...]
On Microblog: Overvalued Stocks
No, I do not have anything specific for puts or declining stocks. I believe that after a few false starts, the markets in general will move upward. After all, stock prices are evaluated in dollars and the dollars are being depreciated, so people are buyi[...]
On Precious Metals Warrants
Baker's "over my shoulder" viewpoint is pretty good. 2012 has been a "holding pattern" for precious metals and hence for PM warrants. However, if things move, as the QE (government) program plans, there should be a good up-tick and Baker's warrants advic[...]
On Yield Shark
I, too, am subscribing to Yield Shark. Picks are not bad, but the timing is a little behind the times. Good picks in several cases and good overall evaluations. However, I haven't made money and will probably not renew. There are better newsletters for[...]
On Real Wealth Report
I have followed Larry Edelson's advice for several years. He is consistent but often his timing is off in both directions. His advice was only so-so last year (2012), but to date, I have profited and am depending on him over and above the other (several)[...]
On Supercomputers in the Palm of your Hand (Byron King)
Francois is probably correct. If the storage of H2 can be done on a volume and economical basis, we may have the next super fuel. After all, when H2 can be used as a fuel with H2O as the by product, it has the potential to change the world for the better[...]

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