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On Microblog: Casey Research about the 1-1-8 Technology, the $2 stock to revolutionize electric cars, International Speculator
I believe this refers to Ivanhoe Mines(IVPAF) covered last Feb 2019. https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/international-speculator/are-3-1-million-electric-vehicles-now-obsolete-because-of-1-1-8-technology-whos-the-big-winner-teased-[...]
On Microblog: what is george gilder's moonshot stock using AI and crypto blockchain security?
It's been about 1-1/2 months since this thread started. I tried asking Travis for his input on these Gilder stocks (if not Gilder himself) under "Ask a Stupid Question" . By his response, I thought we'd get some input in a Friday file but I guess we're on [...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
Hi Travis, While you were on your recent vacation, there was a somewhat active reader discussion re George Gilder's Tech Summit which some of us viewed on July 2nd. Some members had sleuthed out Gilder's teased moonshot stock to be Ideanomics Inc (IDEX). L[...]
On Microblog: 8th Wonder of the trading world under a secret name
Thought so that the words "secret name" sounded familiar so I typed "Alexander Green" in this site's Search Bar. Travis has covered Foxconn/Hon Hai in July 2018 & Jan 2019 as follows: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/oxford-club/alex-greens-single-s[...]
On Microblog: Steve Sjuggerud -True Wealth HUGE MARKET EVENT?
"Dr. Sjug" champions looking outside the US markets, especially China, for growth. He's been holding briefings regarding China's equivalent (and competitor) of the NASDAQ. Well, what he's been teasing for awhile now finally opened this week -- The Shangha[...]
On What's Tom Gardner's First Ever Marijuana Stock Recommendation?
At least this time around the timing of the tease is reasonable. All too often, by the time newsletters publish the tease, the big money has been made and institutions are getting ready to sell/short sell the stock being bought by unsuspecting retailers. F[...]
On "Alpha Contracts" -- Agora hints, "Could It Really Be This Easy to Collect $5,092 a Month?"
Thank you, Travis, for this Corporate Bonds 101 Crash Course and for the reality check that one will need to allocate ~ $100K exclusively for such bonds in order to collect the levels of monthly income teased by the newsletter. My hunch is that there arenā[...]
On Microblog: what is george gilder's moonshot stock using AI and crypto blockchain security?
Way to go, Gumshoers! Did you see what IDEX did today, July 8th? It's up in extended trading as well.[...]
On Microblog: what is george gilder's moonshot stock using AI and crypto blockchain security?
Would you mind providing an example or two to illustrate your resolve? For instance, you've called IDEX a "joke". Does it, or how doest it, invalidate the Shannon Info Theory?[...]
On Microblog: what is george gilder's moonshot stock using AI and crypto blockchain security?
Thank you for your generosity! I was thrown off by the market caps mentioned in the video vs. today's figures (higher), so I guess the clip is not recent.[...]
On Microblog: what is george gilder's moonshot stock using AI and crypto blockchain security?
Thanks for the link. Did you notice the similarity in the verbiage between the video "tease" and the write-up you attached? I'm wondering if Gilder ghost-wrote the article on IDEX himself or if he "lifted" the words of the CEO. Hmmm...[...]
On Friday File: "Trophy Assets"
Thank you, Travis, for comparing ESRT vs BXP and throwing in SLG as a bonus. In fairness to Stansberry, he lists both ESRT and BXP as prized stocks to hold during difficult economic times in his book ā€œThe American Jubileeā€. However, he seems less inte[...]
On Microblog: US companies will be able to sell components to China's Huwei
Here's a starter list from Goldman Sachs: YUMC, WYNN, QCOM, LVS, MPWR, MU, QRVO, AVGO, IPGP, and AMD according to the following article: https://www.investopedia.com/goldman-says-10-stocks-may-soar-as-trade-deal-outlook-brightens[...]
On What's "Trump's Secret Rare Earth Stash?"
Benzinga.com did a short article on rare earths last month, essentially giving the same background that Travis provided above. The article named the following stocks to "keep an eye on" : FCX, BHP, TROX, GMO, DNN. Only one of these is a penny stock. Whi[...]
On Ferris' "The Hands-Down, No. 1 Pick of My Career" Pitch
George C, thank you for this perspective! There's nothing like a simple math equation to bring objectivity when deciding whether or not to join a service. It also makes it obvious that these newsletters are truly expensive in initial outlay plus annual re[...]
On Microblog: Obscure 3 Dollar tech stock
Check out HNHPF covered on this site last January: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/oxford-club/alex-greens-single-stock-retirement-plan[...]
On Yastine's "$5 Biotech Stock Revolutionizing Health Care"
I'm wondering how long Yastine has been pitching this stock. The last time ATRS was a $5 stock was way back in Jan-Feb 2014! Over the next five years, it barely touched $4 only three times. Maybe I've read too many hyperbolic teasers in the biotech and[...]
On Looking into Nick Hodge's "Crypto66" and a "Bizarre Crypto Opportunity"
Travis, I believe you typed Hive Blockchain's ticker symbol HVBTF instead of Hydro66 (HYHDF) in your heading. Maybe a Freudian slip hinting that Hive is the better company to look into?[...]
On Friday File: My "Top Ten," plus Some Adventures in Shorting and A Check-in on Gold Royalties
Obliquely related to finding recession-proof stocks, does anyone here use a "Correlation Table" and is willing to share a good site or app to use?[...]
On Friday File: My "Top Ten," plus Some Adventures in Shorting and A Check-in on Gold Royalties
Your response reminded me of a very active discussion on Kraneshares and MSCI's inclusion of China A shares on this site a little over a year ago. If my memory serves me correctly, the 2 Chinese stocks that Dr. Sjug highly recommended were sluethed out [...]

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