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Is it safe yet to get back into TPL (Texas Pacific Land Trust)? (A question for those interested in royalties and could use a break from 5G, AI and IoT stocks.)

TPL used to be THE bright spot in the rather depressed or volatile Energy Sector. All came crashing down when the bitter feud between its trustees escalated to a blitzkrieg of derogatory remarks mailed to shareholders by both sides around proxy voting time. Due to my tiny position in the stock, I ignored the noise […]

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On Microblog: Jeff Bezos disappointed me with his late night pitch on Editas saying the cut and paste miracle
I believe you're referring to Jeff BROWN (not Bezos) who I suspect is leaving a bad taste in the mouth right now for some Gumshoers, including myself. There's a whole discussion on EDITAS and other gene-editing stocks on this site. Bottom line is: there's [...]
On What's Jeff Brown teasing in his "Timed Stocks Summit?"
Dear Thinkolator, Thank you so much for the love, especially for those who were putting considerable brain power in trying to resolve this tease on their own but not (yet) arriving at the same conclusion. You had me at hello when you showed that the char[...]
On Microblog: Jeff Brown's timed stocks
I agree that it is not an offering; Jeff states in the video that the company has already "recently IPO'd". However, he does not state why or what factors will drive this particular stock to zero, giving me the impression that VCs and early investors w[...]
On Microblog: Jeff Brown's timed stocks
We might want to note the date and time they said this #1 timed stock will go down to zero: February 9th @ 4:30 A.M. They repeated this several times throughout the webinar. Feb 9th is a SUNDAY in the U.S. and I don't think biotech companies are traded d[...]
On Microblog: Best preforming mutual funds for tiny IRA rollover
Mine is a biased opinion based on the last crash (2008-2009) wherein the average working stiff saw his/her 401K -- invested in various mutual funds -- melt down to almost nothing, if not negative after all the fees. I would suggest opening and moving your[...]
On Friday File: "Amazon-Like Profit Profile Could Double Investors’ Money Again This Year"
FWIW, Matt McCall (Investment Opportunities/Investorplace) has also recommended TDOC – twice. In Oct. 2019, he dubbed it one of five stocks that could soar during the “melt-up” but advised to buy TDOC only up to $85. With the acquisition of InTouc[...]
On Microblog: The Flu
Fuhgeddabout flu shots. A generally healthy body, just like one's favorite stocks, sometimes has to pull back and consolidate before rejuvenating and firing on all cylinders. I suspect that while your fingers cannot just yet hit the keyboard, you've been "[...]
On Microblog: Teeka Freedom 2020 Pre-IPO
He sent an e-mail on Fri 1/10. It starts with "I'm sorry to let you know that I've been laid up with a nasty flu all week, and still can't string two coherent thoughts together...". There's also a thread under Readers Discussion called "The Flu", a sort-of[...]
On Rare Opportunity in "World's Largest Silver Mine?"
Travis, thank you for pointing out that " ...the company is also many years and many fundraisings from actually building a mine". One of the most valuable lessons I've learned from being a Gumshoer is to be very cautious about jumping into stocks under $[...]
On Microblog: #1 Gold Play for 2020
This is Sandstorm Gold (SAND), teased earlier this year as the #1 gold play for 2019. Apparently only the year has changed in the ad you're seeing. https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/commodity-supercycles/the-1-gold-stock-to-buy-in-2019-virtually-unkn[...]
On Friday File: Dividends Keep Climbing
Travis, re your missive on KERN stock "surging for no reason", wouldn't this be attributable to the pump-and-dump that precedes the end of a lock-up period? It's almost 6 months to the day (as I write this) since the stock's IPO on 6/17/19. Apart from the[...]
On A Look at the Promise of Gene Editing
This was covered last June and has nothing to do with gene editing : https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/motley-fool-extreme-opportunities-ar/motley-fools-dawn-of-the-t288-era-what-are-those-secret-ar-stocks-hinted-at-by-eric-bleeker/ If you stick aroun[...]
On "Immortality Switch" -- What's Kramer's "$6 Anti-Aging Stock?"
Do these anti-aging drugs and therapeutics include reversal of incontinence? What for the promises of a wrinkle-free, straight-walking, high-energy centenarian-plus existence if the internal plumbing won’t be working right? And do those billionaires a[...]
On "Immortality Switch" -- What's Kramer's "$6 Anti-Aging Stock?"
Travis, in relation to your personal investing rule "I don’t like to dabble in early stage biotechs”, could you clarify what you consider as “early stage”? As a biotech ignoramus, I'm not sure how many phases drug development goes through and if FD[...]
On Microblog: Best newsletter at teasing
Short answer: there is no “best” newsletter based on teases sleuthed on this site. As you stick around long enough and read through Travis’ analyses, you will realize that, more often than not, the teased stocks are pure hype written to lure unsus[...]
On Microblog: what is george gilder's moonshot stock using AI and crypto blockchain security?
@nw7us-tomas, The long term, overall picture of Gilder's stock teases as a group has changed (I think) with the announcement that centenarian KEMET is in the process of being acquired by Taiwanese company Yageo Corp for $27.20 per share. Chart-wise, the p[...]
On Microblog: Kemet Electronics (KEM)
KEM was one of the companies teased by George Gilder last summer. It may not have been his moonshot pick, but it certainly performed well soon after the summit and, arguably, the best of the stocks teased. I almost feel bad that this centenarian (yup, fo[...]
On Matt McCall's "300X Your Money" on Chinese Biotech Pitch
In what appears to be perfect timing for this pitch, the news on FDA accelerated approval for BGNE's drug "Brukinsa" (for the treatment of certain adult patients with lymphoma) broke out during the extended trading session today, 11/14. Trading had to be h[...]
On Four (or Five) Stocks for the "World's Best Business"
Sounds like you bought before Nov 1st, when KNSL reported Earnings for the most recent quarter. By just looking at the chart, I'm assuming the report was really bad for the stock to plunge like that.[...]
On Four (or Five) Stocks for the "World's Best Business"
Thanks, Travis. For those that want to diversify or balance a portfolio a little better, I thought it might pay to seriously look into one of the most (if not THE most) boring yet stable industries out there. Does the property & insurance niche hold up fa[...]

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