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On Microblog: Crypto Currency, Blocktrainf ETF's
I had thought similarly when I opened positions in these ETFs: invest in blockchain technology -- i.e. the platform that cryptocurrencies run on -- rather than rhe coins themselves (which can come and go). At that time, I made note of the holdings for BLCN[...]
On Microblog: Crypto Currency, Blocktrainf ETF's
I've been holding BLCN (Reality Shares NASDAQ) and KOIN (Innovation Shares NexGen) for 3 months now. Buy what, specifically, is your question? (I don't want to second guess.)[...]
On Frank Curzio shot with "Batman"/"Air Cuff" Device to tease a Stock -- which one?
True, the analysts do not have much to report on fundamentals as yet, but here's a very brief announcement today (6/14) on Seeking Alpha that I found interesting and would appreciate your thoughts on: https://seekingalpha.com/news/3471470-wrap-announce[...]
On Frank Curzio shot with "Batman"/"Air Cuff" Device to tease a Stock -- which one?
Thank you, Travis, for sleuthing a stock tease that isn’t in the realm of cyberspace or cannabis and for giving WRTC a realistic treatment. Just as crimes in major cities run the full gamut of minor to violent, adapting the correct restraining device to[...]
On Microblog: handcuffs shot out of a gun
Perfect timing. Travis is sleuthing this out today, 6/13.[...]
On June 13 "Weed-tirement" Deadline Being Teased -- Double Retirement Savings starting with $50?
Wow, so much hate spewing from this thread! The "big money" and newsletters LOVE to trade this hatred. This is the 3rd pitch for MO that I've seen here on Gumshoe just this year: Cabot in January, Stansberry in May (under Reader-Started Discussion) and now[...]
On Kramer teases you can "Get Rich from the Big Box that Amazon Can’t Crush!"
We can give Hilary Kramer the benefit of the doubt that she did her write-up before HOME's latest and most disastrous Earnings Report. But how much before? The stock price was on a general uptrend from its IPO date in Aug 2016 until June 2018 but has been[...]
On Microblog: Where to put cash
How about CDs? Your non-IRA brokerage house probably has a roster of one-year CDs to choose from and there are probably a handful that give 1% interest.[...]
On Microblog: 693% Net Revenue Growth For This Pot Stock Just Listed on NASDAQ
I just googled this. The only pot company that uplisted to the NASDAQ or NYSE in May 2019 was OrganiGram Holdings (OGI).[...]
On Microblog: What is Matt McCall's, Investment Opportunities, of Investor Place, Pot Stock teaser to buy April 4th IPO
Your narrative speaks of a speculative gain which did not materialize because the name of the stock was not provided to you on time. However, GNLN's price chart does not show the stock every being $0.59 nor anwhere near that, so I don't see how you could'v[...]
On Microblog: What is Matt McCall's, Investment Opportunities, of Investor Place, Pot Stock teaser to buy April 4th IPO
Looking at GNLN's chart, I don't see where the 59-cent starting point is, either. Perhaps this was a pre-IPO price which only insiders/institutions are privy to? What I do see is a collapsed IPO now trading sideways with nowhere to go unless a solution to [...]
I am assuming that you are basing your question on the "China Emergency Briefing" which aired on May 30th, right? As I was watching the film clip, I noticed that the words "LIVE" and "VIDEO" were toggling back and forth in the upper lefthand corner. By the[...]
On Microblog: US Mining Stocks
I've been looking into rare earths, too, and opened a position last month in Lynas (LYSCF) based on the discussion for this stock here on Gumshoe. It's prone to spikes, but if you get in at the right price, I think the investment is worthwhile. Meantime..[...]
On What the bejeezus is "Fluorescent Sand?" Is it gonna make us rich?
After being stopped out a couple of times, I've decided to reopen a position in NOK, too. For a multi-teased stock, this one has been pummeled down to Dec 2017 levels but is starting to turn back up. I think/hope it's finally at a good buying point.[...]
On Microblog: Stanberry Bear Market Summit
For the most part, I thought the May 15th summit entitled “Bear Market Survival Event” was quite good. In the first few minutes of the tape, there may have been a somewhat urgent warning that personal, corporate and national debts are way too high, mak[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
While TSLA & T have their problems, they're focused on a primary business. I think Stansberry is hinting at a conglomerate-type, hence a reference to GE in a recent webinar called "Bear Market Survival". My initial thought was 3M, but there could easily b[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
This question is not on the teaser side of the fence that Stock Gumshoe sleuths out and analyzes, but more on the defensive side – i.e. what stock NOT to hold or buy. According to Stansberry Research, there is a company out there that is another GE (Gen[...]
On What's Mizrahi teasing with "Wall Street's Best-Kept Marijuana Stock Secret?"
Competition or collaboration? Maybe both? Latin America has the upper hand in labor costs and suitable land (rather than expensive greenhouses) to grow cannabis. An example of this scenario would be Khiron Life Sciences (KHRNF) headquartered in Canada, [...]
On What's Mizrahi teasing with "Wall Street's Best-Kept Marijuana Stock Secret?"
Not convinced that Brink’s is a picks-and-shovels stock worthy of naming it the #1 pot stock pick for 2019, but I would not undermine Mizrahi’s insight into the role it could possibly play in the transportation & distribution chain of a fully-legalized[...]
On Yastine's "The Next $ 1 Trillion Industry" pitch -- what's "The Most Critical Technology in the World Today?"
BLH, responding to who are the big players in blockchain technology, you might want to skim through the full list of holdings of blockchain ETFs -- e.g. BLCN, KOIN, BLOK, etc. The cross-section of industry sectors and company types roughly fall into 3 cat[...]

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