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“He made $80 billion on Amazon . . . And now Jeff Bezos is going “all-in” on a breakthrough technology that’s already changing the world. He’s teasing about how to ride this historic opportunity for a $1.2 million payday. “We’re on the edge of a golden era!” This is about Artificial Intelligence . . . […]

“The $11.7 Trillion “Carbon Web” – The New Technological Revolution Expected to Grow At Least 8,473% Over the Next Few Years.” Here’s the link: https://pro.chooseyourselffinancial.com/p/ALN_1millioncode_0519/EALNWA56/?ESP_MAIL_ID=1641421&ESP_ORG=spr&ESP_EXP_ID=2265848&ESP_CNTC_ID=MDAwMTIzNTk4OTU3&ESP_A=35528&h=true by James Altucher Editor, Altucher’s Investment Network

Porter Stansberry’s tease is to pay him $49.00 and you get all the answers. Travis, have you seen this and if so, what’s your opinion? Here’s the entire transcript, thanks for your input! Dear Reader, In regular places all over America, the “lights” are going out. No, I don’t mean the street lights or any […]

This presentation warns that Congress is going after 401k, IRA and Roth IRA accounts by significantly taxing withdraws from retirement accounts. He says that Congress has changed the laws that safeguarded these types of retirement savings and with their new law, the old laws will no longer apply and upon withdrawing from our 401K, IRA […]

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On Microblog: DIVIDENS.

I love finding the best long term stock at a moderate price and it has to be a solid company paying a good/great/fantastic dividend! I came across Main Street Capital stock - price today, Nov. 3, at $28.67 - with a dividend yield of 8.59 percent payin[...]

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On Microblog: Jeff Brown's must buy 12 stocks to leverage growth in 5G

Yes, I read what Jeff wrote about Unity Software. He also said he would not recommend buying it now as it is overvalued. His take was to wait to after the election when he predicts stock prices will go down and buy it then.[...]

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On Microblog: Jeff Brown’s 3 Penny-IPO stocks

I believe this is an old tease from Jeff Brown. His three stocks are EDIT, KLDO and DTIL.[...]

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On Microblog: Stock Gumshoe is an authentically good service and worth the price. Travis Johnson is a cool dude who really seems to care about us peons!

I wholeheartedly agree! I'm just starting and Travis, you have helped me with answers I've so desperately needed. Since I've become a member here, I'm not being impulsive about stock teases from all those people trying to get me to buy their newsletters![...]

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On Microblog: Congress has passed new tax(s) on withdrawing 401K, IRA & Roth IRA accounts - by Retirement Financial Planner Bob Carlson

This is very helpful, thank you Stock Gumshoe![...]

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On Microblog: The most important tech company in the world tease by Jeff Brown

Thanks Travis![...]

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