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I have been trying to follow the company Smartmetrics inc. They hold a patent concerning using a ”chip” type credit card in the US. On top of that, their chipcard is reported to activate only when the user validates the transaction using a fingerprint read by the card itself. Sounds fantastic. They just won a […]

Nancy Pelosi invested between $50=100K in Clean Energy Fuels. Stock has almost doubled since 12/11. Is there a way to track the investments of Congress, the ultimate insider’s club? After all, who knows better at what the future will bring than those who legislate it?!

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On Microblog: Is Well Power (WPWR) a "game changing breakthrough"

After observing the price progression of so many "miracle breakthrough.... must get in now... next google...blah, blah..." stocks, I wonder if one should just take these promotions as a clue to sell these promoted stocks short to buy quality stocks with th[...]

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On Microblog: Casey Technology-smart grid-next industry the internet will change forever

Lost a bundle on AMSC already, thanks. This time around I'll wait until they are closer to a scallable solution.[...]

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On "Miracle Stem Cell 'Cure' Could Allow 10 Million Blind To See Again"

To say I was an amature investr would be both grandious and insulting to true amature investors.... What I want to know is: when a development stage company of any field pops, all kinds of hysteria ensues, funds flow in, then either it tanks or is bought o[...]

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On Checking in on Natural Gas

Extremely comprehensive write up. Pretty much answered all my questions. I for one, see the country, if not the world headed for a natural gas/ electric economy. This is a pure "green" play. The king that folds nicely into one's wallet.[...]

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On The "Ring of Fire Millionaires" (DeHaemer)

Tax incentives are nice, decade low price for Natgas is nicer still. It would seem to me the big stumbling block is distribution AND some semblance of long term price stability. While using Natgas could significantly lower fleet fuel costs, few will make t[...]

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On Microblog: Kent Moor's 9700% Tease Fueled by NatGas Act

As the price of Black Gold rises with the yellow variety, NatGas looks more and more atractive to me. When supply continues to drive price/therm down, why are producers continuing to produce MORE? One could assume a long horizon approach to usurping oil as[...]

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On What's Patrick Cox's New Obesity-Fighting Teaser Drug Stock?

All interesting comments. Myron alludes to a possible truth that may affect this product sales and that is while many just don't exercise enough to generate a muscle mass capable of consuming excess caloric intake, many others eat for psychological reasons[...]

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