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Acording to an e-mail from Joseph Leike and Leo Baseizese Elon Musk will introduce his new internet Oct.30 2021 thus saving us suckers tons of money on services while giving us money that will make our grandkids remember us forever. What say Travis and all? Calargy [ John A. ] 10/6/2021

I bought several thousand shares in 2019 @ about $ 0.30 when Weiss Cripto Ratings declared it better than Bitcoin. Nothing much happened but it didn’t go down so I left it and forgot about it, thought it was a cannabis stock until recently when it started to go up fast. Looked it up on […]

I bought 100 shares of this stock a couple years ago for about $1.They are working on a new lithium ion battery technology and have recently raised more capital. I have received 2 promotions lately-one mentioned the stock by name; the other tossed around Elon Musk and a few unrelated names not associated with the […]

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On Microblog: Elon Musk-New Internet to go live 10/30/2021

MAKE THAT LEO BASEENESE-I can't read my own spelling calargy ; John A.[...]

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On Microblog: Jeff Brown New Technology "Valued at 2.1 quadrillion or 2,100 trillion"

ETH yes! Jeff Brown-never![...]

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On Microblog: What is the jeff brown Genomic Pick? San Diego Based

Jeff Brown is Toxic-Illumina is a great company but at about $350 with a p/e ratio of 60 it is way overpriced for it's projected growth. I'm very familiar with the company, have written about it before and live 1 hour away from it. Good company that you wo[...]

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On Microblog: Jeff Brown's Gene Sequencer Company

Yes,Jeff Brown's pick is Illumina. I live about 45 mins. from H.Q. It was $340 when her picked it went to $380 then dropped to $290 today 9/18/20. Great company but rich value. With such companies dropping quite a bit I say watch and wait. jlafea@outlook.[...]

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On Looking into Nick Hodge's "Crypto66" and a "Bizarre Crypto Opportunity"

Calagy [now] Celebrating/Regreting getting out of the Army 59 yrs. age today. [Aug 7 1961-1 week before the Berlin Wall went up] I thank the Gumshoe for a 33 fold return. i.e. $1999 to Nick Hodges/ $59 Gumshoe subscription. Hope you had[...]

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On Microblog: What Indexes should one purchase in a down market

Jo: I started " investing ' at age 28 am now 81 and probably am 0 for 53 years so I am the worst person to listen to for free. The worst are the so called experts that promise the world for $ 49 then try to upgrade you to mucho $$ which may give you act[...]

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