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This subscription service touted by Stansberry was rated the top performing service they flog in 2012. Based on their rating, I subscribed for three months. Here is my experience: Gee Guys: Thanks a lot for the super rating on Brian Bottarelli’s options trading research. Based on your rating, I subscribed ($400 for three months). Then […]

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On 2019 Turkey of the Year
My Turkeys of the year were Alliance Resource Partners (ARLP -46% before I bailed). Don't bet on big dividends and strong balance sheet in a declining industry. and Core Civic (CXW down 32% ) that I hold thinking that the world will come to its senses an[...]
On Friday File: Lessons for a Volatile Week (plus two buys)
Great analysis Travis. However, I have never regretted taking a profit even when my friends made fun of me for bailing too soon. Did you ever own Level Three ($LVLT)?. Isn't the correct version of the old adage, "buy low sell high"? If those who hold mak[...]
On Ian Wyatt's "Collect Your 41% Dividend Before Thanksgiving!"
I should have read Jimmy's comment. I bought the stock, bought the puts and was surprised to find the put adjusted after the dividend. Still made $865 on 200. I'll know what to expect next time.[...]
On Gerardo Del Real's "This Tiny $21 Million Company Is Sitting on A BILLION DOLLARS OF COPPER" Pitch
What is a porphyry cluster? I looked up the definition from Wikipedia and this is what I got: Porphyry copper deposits are copper orebodies that are formed from hydrothermal fluids that originate from a voluminous magma chamber several kilometers below th[...]
On Navellier's "The Almost Perfect Stock" Set to Double Investors' Money in 2017
I used to be systems engineer in electronics payment industry, and kept current on developments in the software/server/virtualization that improved reliability and response. It was obvious to us in the industry ten years ago that that VMWare and EMC knew w[...]
On What's the "Tiny 'Spare Change' Stock Set To Deliver $87 Million Windfall?"
Do they have any Patients or IP protection? How many competitors? Who manufactures their equipment? Are they more marketers or manufacturers or some of each? Anybody know?[...]
On Annual Review -- Technology
RE: "to be sure — their cloud services lag far behind Microsoft and Amazon by most measures," : Omaha Public schools adopted Gologle Docs (now "G Suite") two years ago. My nephew in California now makes his living installing it for businesses. My G[...]
On "You’ll Never Guess Which BIG American Bank is Going Bankrupt NEXT" (Lombardi)
Maybe I should make my point clearer. Although the Canadian banks are pretty strong, if there is a shake out in the financial industry, it is likely that all financial institutions will get tarred with the same brush.[...]
On "You’ll Never Guess Which BIG American Bank is Going Bankrupt NEXT" (Lombardi)
For the 12 (1967 - 1979) years of my banking career when I had responsibility for investing excess (weekly) reserves or borrowing to cover deficits, it was considered bad form to borrow from the "Discount Window" of the Federal Reserve Bank (FED). General[...]
On The Manchurian Candida
Another great article. Rekindles in me the question of why is Rheumatoid Arthritis three times more prevalent in women than men? Could it have anything to do with women using more hand lotion than men. I have long wondered what becomes of the moisturizin[...]
On Red light for Greenlight
Does not surprise me. I've never had anything but bad luck with Einhorn[...]
On Is "Compound R" a fountain of youth that will add 11 years to your life?
Great article! I dunno how you do it[...]
On NuCable: "Company That's About to Kill Cable Television"
This is not about investing, but I have been Verizon customer for more than 10 years. They have the worst customer service and the snottiest sales people of any company I do business with. The only company I have ever dealt with that is worse is Century Li[...]
On Microblog: Total Knee Replacement: A Report from the Front Line
I hope your results are as good as mine. I injured my left knee skiing while in college - many years ago. It finally got painful enough after arthroscopic, prednisone and hyaluronic acid, I could no longer play tennis. I had it replaced six years ago a[...]
On "Rob the Kremlin" with Teeka Tiwari
I think that LNG is a good idea, but I worry whether or not LNG tankers are more or less secure than overland pipelines. Should we be worried about whose best interests would be served by blowing up LNG tankers? Maybe not even blowing them up, maybe hija[...]
On Doc Gumshoe’s Perspectives on the Current State of Healthcare: The Long View
Good luck with knee surgery. I had left knee replaced - with a Stryker knee - about five years ago at age 71. Started playing tennis again within 6 months and still playing. My experience is don't spend too much time in rehab. I went home the second day a[...]
On "Master Plan for America's Recovery on page 638 of the Holy Bible?" (Mitchell Clark)
Travis: I think you showed great restraint in your snarkyness. I applaud you.[...]
On Microblog: Dogs of the Dow, Part Three: There is More Than One Way To Skin A Cat - Or Dog.
One more comment: Subscribing to Stock Gumshoe is a technological advantage. I do speculate a bit, and some of Dr. KSS suggestions have added spice to my otherwise dull portfolios[...]
On Microblog: Dogs of the Dow, Part Three: There is More Than One Way To Skin A Cat - Or Dog.
Thanks for your response. Your three points - (1) easily understandable, (2) simple to implement, and (3) not consume onerous amounts of time to maintain - do favor the Dogs of the Dow. However, for us tech savvy investors, there is a temporary advanta[...]
On Microblog: Dogs of the Dow, Part Three: There is More Than One Way To Skin A Cat - Or Dog.
Once again a great article. Just for discussion I call your attention to the latest "Dismal Optimist" ( letter by Peter Treadway. He acknowledges Sir John Templeton who has said, “the most expensive words in investing are[...]

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