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bryon kings outstanding investments

the re-made in amercian teaser Our oil & natural gas . on conversions .Starting this month on the U.S.A. becoming the world leader in 3-5 years. 1.3 milion new jobs by 2015.Have u heard it yet. It`s about 1hr.long sounds great for the next few years. with trillions of natural gas. There are only a […]

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On Checking in on Natural Gas
I know but if nat. gas is $2.00& they can export for $12.00 to &14;00Wouldn`t they be building ships as fast as they can. I worked for Chart Inds. for 31 years.This was when it was Minnesota Valley the 80`s we built tanks for LNG.1 was for a locomo[...]
On Checking in on Natural Gas
Do u think the push in lng will be a bIg help in lowering unemployment & increasing tax revenue to reduce the national debt or will it come into being to slow. Sales to Japan & other Asian countries & England & others that depend on Russia for natural ga[...]

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