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On Mampilly's "#1 Stock for 2020" -- what's this South Carolina disruptor?

Glad you are feeling better. I have seen this add and appreciate your providing the answer. How would you rate this company as compared to a pre-IPO company whiteclouds 3d printing[...]

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On "TV Streaming Gold Rush" leads to " One $10 Stock That Can TRIPLE in Value"

Stock is currently at $8.93 and is also recommended as a buy by other services.[...]

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On What's Tom Gardner's First Ever Marijuana Stock Recommendation?

It appears that Motley Fool will be making this known to the public on July 30 on a special investor presentation "The Marijuana Moment: How You Could Profit From the Rise of Cannabis."[...]

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On "Top Stock Under $3?" What's Carr's teased "America's #1 Pot Stock?"

This stock along with others in the portfolio are currently set for long term holding with no stop out levels. I have had the stock for about 30 days and even with today's drop I am up about 6%.[...]

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On Lichtenfeld's FinTech "Hand You 859% Gains in a Year" Stock

I have been a "full" member of the Oxford club services for the past few years and do rely on Marc's recommendations more than those of the other service editors. I am currently up about 25% on my investments in all of his current Stock Sequence Trader re[...]

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On Microblog: Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac potential payout of dividends

Travis, Thanks for including an update on Fannie Mae in yesterday's Friday update[...]

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On Solving an “Extreme Dividends" Teaser -- Can you get a 100% yield on your savings?

In general I have had a significant amount of success following recommendations by Marc. I have purchased 500 shares of each of these and have no complaints with their performance.[...]

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On Friday File: A Little More Arbitrage, Plus Berkshire, Shopify, Starbucks and other Updates

Bitcoin is no better than a pet rock, but at least you can see the rock[...]

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On Solving the "Forget SpaceX, Buy This" teaser pitch about the "Billionaires Space Race"

Thanks. I was trying to figure out how to get the summary after trying to log in to the site.[...]

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On What are “The 3 Stocks to Own Before Another State Legalizes Sports Betting?”

I think you are right on PDYPY. I picked up shares about a month ago and it is up about 5%.[...]

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On What the heck is "Brandt Oil?"

I had both of these stocks earlier this year. What I made on CTEQF I lost on ECSIF.[...]

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On Lichtenfeld's "Killer Hiding in Your Medicine Cabinet" -- what's the "new breakthrough" that will lead to explosive profits?

Should Washington take action on opioids instead of talking, it could be a big positive for Collegium. P.S. My profits in LTT have far exceeded the cost of this subscription.[...]

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On "If I had to pick one stock.... World’s No. 1 Stock When Gold Booms" teased by Dan Ferris

I picked up a number of shares of spoxf the last time it was mentioned here. With today's $0.22 per share increase I am finally up about 3% on my investment. Here is hoping that their future forecast comes true.[...]

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On What are those "U.S. Freedom Checks" being teased by Matt Badiali?

My favorites are RA, FAX and GLOP all of which I still have slight profits in after the disastrous past two weeks.[...]

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On "Apple Founder Calls Elon Musk a Liar... Buy this $10 EV Company Instead"

I received a recommendation from another source and have had BYDDF in my portfolio since early January and am still in a profit status even after the negativity of the market over the past week.[...]

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On Fool's "Obscure Company Growing Faster Than Google and Facebook"

I made a small investment in TTD about a month ago based on a recommendation from another subscriber service and am up over 5% on this investment[...]

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On What's the "Jupiter Engine" Being Teased by the Oxford Club?

I had CBI and then it reached its stop point and no longer in the portfolio[...]

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On Oxford Club says you can "Collect Ninefold Gains on the Company That’s Perfected ‘Ultra-Lithium’”

Neither of the 2 stocks mentioned are in the resource portfolio[...]

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