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How to Buy Warrants

I have decided to start buying Gold Warrants. I have learned that you have to look at the current volume and prices before entering your order. I entered an order for 10,000 warrants at a price a little higher that the last trade. Nothing happened for more than a week. I then noticed that the […]

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On What's the $6 Stock Pitched by Jeff Brown for the "#1 Tech Pick of the Decade: The 'C-V2X' Revolution?"
Why is 5G a greater concern than 4G and earlier versions? Rf radiation has been a cell phone concern since at least 1990 with the publication of :[...]
On Friday File: Lewitt's Zenith Trading Circle, and Thoughts on Deflation, Hedging and Gold
Great article. Similar to Z scores is the Forensic Accounting work by John Del Vecchio. He runs HDGE, a short fund, and FLAG a long short fund that he says will come up a little short of the SP500 in the up years, will not drop as much during the down ye[...]
On What's the "Pyramus Compound" and the "black goo" fake oil pitched by JR Crooks?
Here is one of Dr. Cordell's presentations... I am taking a closer looking into investing in Phosphates[...]
On "New Gas Molecule That Burns Hotter than the Sun" -- Dr. Kent Moors says "there’s never been a moneymaking situation quite like this in the entire history of energy!"
I did a quick analysis of The Pump Stopper's SA articles: He has published 24 articles on SA since April 22 of 2014. I was able to find Stock price data on 23 (SCOK is a Chinese met coal company I could not find the data on). 2014: 15 articles: 14 stoc[...]
On "New Gas Molecule That Burns Hotter than the Sun" -- Dr. Kent Moors says "there’s never been a moneymaking situation quite like this in the entire history of energy!"
Here is the article: Moor and everybody else forgot to check the background of the princi[...]
On "Hyper-Fi" -- Oxford Club "Guarantees" Stock will Rise at least $3
The technology looks real: It is simply a more efficient use of bandwidth. As a Grandpa whose system bogs down when the grand kids are all on the system. It is important to me. I am looking at the $400 router. [...]
On "Hyper-Fi" -- Oxford Club "Guarantees" Stock will Rise at least $3
Great story stock.... however all i see are insider sales of stocks going back over a year... not a single buy....[...]
On Microblog: New Solar???
I am 90% sure that it is; points international ltd; PCOM is an exchange site for all the points and loyalty programs. Those of you who use loyalty programs for the airlines, hotels and others might find it interesting. They are making some mone[...]
On What's Palm Beach Letter's "Invisible Retirement Fund" that the IRS Can't See?
Many Years ago, I was a life insurance agent for a mutual company. What I learned, on my own after the fact, is that whole if insurance works well if you keep it til you die, ( We used to say, Term insurance is "IF" insurance, Whole Life is "When" insuran[...]
On The "God Complex" and Jimmy Mengel's promise of a "$107,000 windfall"
SZYM is a fantastic company. One analyst said it is the "apple" of biotech. I love the research department. It will continue to crank out fantastic products for decades to come. I have owned it in the past, and have made money on it ( I have a general rul[...]
On Microblog: Obermueller's algae to oil stock
probably szym[...]
On Will FT-900 Bring about the "next 9/11" in April, 2014? What is Jeff Opdyke talking about?
Travis; I know you own warrants on SAND. I believe you rolled out of the April 2014 warrants into the Sept 2017 warrants sometime in the fall. I have been studying warrants since last summer. I have found liquidity to be a real problem. I am now looki[...]
On Microblog: Paradise Gained, Paradise Lost - Part Two
I can't decide if I like Travis, his co writers, or the community he has built the most. There are very few publications where I real almost everything, including the comments. I love you all. Here is the correct quote: Please note "all kinds" should h[...]
On "Heads you live, Tails you die" Diagnostics Stock Pitched by Alex Daley
more if you care to read[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron—Junior Miners on the Move
As a retired dairy farmer, I am very clear you cannot eat gold. When the financial crisis hits (KNW "looming crisis" article in para 3.. thx Myron), you won't be able to barter your gold for food. Gold won't be worth anything when the paper currencies are [...]
On Microblog: Ultimate Wealth Report
I just decided to take a look at this newsletter. Like most of them, I will probably get a refund after a few months. Remember, no one can predict the future, and no one can do the research you must do for yourself. I am strong on fundamental analysis, mod[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron—Junior Miners in Europe
Here is another rookie question: Insiders are required to report their stock purchases and sales and their exercises of company issued options. Are they also required to report purchases and sales of warrants and options on the open market? If so, it doesn[...]
On Microblog: The TWO Best Speculative Stocks for 2013
I made a little money in szym this spring when it went from 9 to 11. I strongly suspect that it will be the Apple of Biotech. It has a great research department, and an incredible line of possible products. The real question is when? I was snooping a[...]
On Who is "the World's Leanest, Meanest Miner?"
On What is "The 'British Columbia Gold Bank' Now Open to American Investors?"
Chad; Can you post any links on this China London thing?[...]

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