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IPO: Coupa Software ($COUP)

Hi guys, Since some of you seems to be interested in my research regarding Startup/ FinTech/ Technology (Cloud-SAAS..) company, in which I have a great insights (I worked in a VC in HK), I take the liberty to share my findings here. Last time, I talked you about the Nutanix upcoming IPO, that actually popped […]

IPO: Nutanix Inc. (NTNX)

Good morning everybody, I don’t know if some of you have checked and followed the path of Nutanix to its coming IPO today. It successively revised its deal range from $11-$13 to $13-$15 and finally $16. I would be glad to know your view on this ”Unicorn” startup and if you are willing to buy […]

Exact Portfolio Composition

Hello everyone, I am very glad to join your community and eventually access Travis’s thought on stocks. As I was following Stock Gumshoe for a year now and just converted to the Premium subscription, I thought I would find Travis’s portfolio composition but I didn’t manage to see it. I have spotted an rough composition […]

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On Friday File: Markman's $5 "Next Cisco"
Hi Travis, Thank you once again for this well written article. I always wondered how to find a call/put option ticker ? I am on Interactive Brokers and I am not able to find the same option you took. I certainly miss something here and would love to get [...]
On Friday File: We're All Doomed! Maybe!
Thanks Tanglewood for the link, I am gonna check right away :)[...]
On Friday File: We're All Doomed! Maybe!
Thank you once again Travis for these precious insights and well-written articles. The Friday File's mail notification is the only one I am expecting every week ;) I had a question for you (or maybe more an advice request): I am living in France and I [...]
On Friday File: Stop Losses and Big Quarters
Thanks Travis for all these precious information and sight from you. I am actually shaving off my Tech position as I am now concerned (to not say worried) about a very important correction, the market is (or at least, should be) taking. To that exte[...]
On Friday File: Giant Tech Pre-earnings Thoughts
Thanks Travis for this report. I am looking for the same report for your Chinese stock, BABA, Tencent, Baidu, etc Have a good day[...]
On Friday File Part One: Hedging
Thanks Travis and Catherine for these details. I will contact my broker to know how to get these options :) Have a great day[...]
On Friday File Part One: Hedging
Thanks for this precious article Travis :) I ckecked on my brooker (De Giro, I live in France) and I was only able to find this option : US SPX500 currently priced at $ 2.865,36 so 10x the SPY. If I buy this one, would that correspond to the same op[...]
On Rickards: "This $0.70 Crypto Game Changer Could Make You a FORTUNE in 2018… Starting Next Monday"
Time maybe? With all the annual review that Travis is currently covering, you can accept that the summary is not there here.[...]
On Friday File Part Two: Annual Review
Thanks Travis for these previous views on this sector. I am also long $BRK^B and $MKL. I will take a closer look at Boston Omaha, it got my curiosity ;) Keep up the valuable and appreciated work!! Have a good day[...]
On Microblog: IPO: Coupa Software ($COUP)
Seems like a good path to me![...]
On Microblog: IPO: Nutanix Inc. (NTNX)
Hi SoGiAm, My pleasure to share what I am interested in :) As I have a lot more knowledge in technology / FinTech/ /startups companies than in Medical/ Real Estate/ bank, I am particularly focus on IPO of companies that I know. In the same way I recko[...]
On Examining Sjuggerud's "Limited Time 2nd Chance to Get Rich with '292-C' Shares" Pitch
Agreed with you! Not to mention that India market is set to be one of the largest market in the world. With a penetration rate for mobile increasing every year! And Xiaomi is already seen as a very good product there. If you have the investor accredita[...]
On Examining Sjuggerud's "Limited Time 2nd Chance to Get Rich with '292-C' Shares" Pitch
Hi SoGiAm, I would be honest telling you I didn't even know this company. After checking a bit on internet, I can see that they are a growing company in the E-commerce/ Marketing services but I can't see a company like this becoming what Criteo (in a diff[...]
On Examining Sjuggerud's "Limited Time 2nd Chance to Get Rich with '292-C' Shares" Pitch
Hi guys, I take the liberty to add my view on this really well written article. I lived in Beijing for the past 3 years (and I am now in Hong Kong) but I had the opportunity to discover all these companies from an customer view and here is what I underst[...]
On A New Look for Stock Gumshoe
Thanks to you Travis and your continual effort to make this portal as fluid as it can (and responsive, that is the way you were looking for :)). If you need some feedback from us, please feel free to ask! Pretty like the improvements made so far! [...]
On Conflict Diamonds
Hey mate, Thanks for your reply and valuable advice. As you acurately guessed I bought shares of $TRXC at 2.10$ and it is now around 1.39$. I might wait for the Bremain to be announced, hoping the market will softly increase and then I might separate [...]
On Conflict Diamonds
Hi everyone, Taking Dr. KSS proposition to bring back the Transenterix (TRXC) subject on the table. As you may have read, recently, a lawsuit if being filled to sue the company for false information regarding SurgiBot/ FDA/... Which brought me to wonder[...]
On The Bedlam in Young Goliath
Hi everyone, Thanks sjanus11 for your view on this. I would love to hear other's thoughts on this. Now that a collective lawsuit is being filled, I wonder whether I better sell my position to limit the loss or if I better wait until the end of june for[...]
On The Bedlam in Young Goliath
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody has had any news regarding the FDA meeting that was supposed to took place in the following days ? Thanks in advance guys[...]
On The Bedlam in Young Goliath
Strong support for $TRXC apparently! Things are getting brighter than we thought! I expect the stock to get its $2-$4 position soon du to the heavy financial support from their partnerships. Dr. KSS has been right about a lot of things although he o[...]

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