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Marin Katusa may be a bit dramatic in his promotions but he’s made me money and been right much more often than wrong. When he’s wrong, he’s usually early. I like his essays, commentary and interviews. That’s why when I saw he was putting Chris Woods work on Risk Hedge out to his (Marins) email […]

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On Microblog: Chris Wood Project 5x 'super disrupter' already up 225%

Chris Wood and Risk Hedge came to my in box via Marin Katusa email list. I like Marin. He’s super smart and very experienced. I’m definitely wondering what his connection to Wood is. I posted basically this same question as u.[...]

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On Friday File: Lemonade, Handling Success, and a Couple New Watchlist Stocks

Did u say you have $90 call options on Sea Ltd? WOW! I’m new to options but curious. what’s a single contract worth now that the market is closed? Also you mentioned EEM calls in your irregulars synopsis... are you favoring emerging markets stron[...]

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On Microblog: Curzio spam on leveraged income assets

Curzio is solid. He’s been on the hype train lately cuz he’s offering new products. His post Covid-19 crash picks are spot on in his base letter CRA, except for a few laggards. I don’t subscribe to his CVO letter, and I think this is an ad for that p[...]

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On Microblog: Jeff Brown Early stage trader

Watched the hype video, but didn’t subscribe. The price was okay, but once you’re in their web, the spam never ceases. I subscribe to Curzio research advisory. If u look at his picks after the COVID crash, which he accurately predicted, you’ll see y[...]

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