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Worlds Largest non Chinese Rare Earths Supplier Cash Flow Positive. Undervalued by Market. Time to Invest?

I am not sure of the level of awareness in the US and Canada about materials called Rare Earths, their availability as a critical material for use in modern technology from electric vehicles, robotics, cellphones, autocat converters to military applications and the companies that currently produce these materials. This is an introduction to a company […]

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Hi Travis, just checking if you have looked at Brit Ryle’s latest teaser titled “Tesla Panics”. This teaser is promoting investment in a company which apparently has 535,000 t of lithium in its resource list. Brit suggests Tesla recently took a state in this company, so should be easy to trace? Be interested if you […]

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On What's the "Pure Carbon" teased by Resource Stock Digest Premium?
Thanks Travis. As usual your analysis is well explained and highlights the risks with these start ups. I have lost money on a ASX listed graphite miner, and have held a position in Tasman for some years, which thankfully is now above water. My particular i[...]
On Friday File Hodgepodge -- Iron, Graphene, Xerox and some ranting
Hi Allan, I reside in Hamilton, so little way north of you. Yes would ge good to catch up if we are travelling to through each ohers region. I have also been an irregular member for about the same time. Similarly read lots from other sources.[...]
On Friday File Hodgepodge -- Iron, Graphene, Xerox and some ranting
HI Lulu, I honestly have no idea. I read the story about Lomiko before investing. I would be interested in Myrons updated comments at some point. Will have a look at their latest company announcements.[...]
On Friday File Hodgepodge -- Iron, Graphene, Xerox and some ranting
Travis, thanks for the full coverage in todays irregulars post. Re the graphite scene, I have followed Myron into Lomiko which seems to have some interesting R & D projects underway in their JV. Being a new Zealand resident I tend to invest in companies a[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — A Contrast in Gold Miners
HI Myron, not wishing to be contradictory, but maybe a lesson in geography is warranted!! New Zealand is definately not in the land of Oz. We have a great rugby team, namely the All Blacks. Will not critisize the Ozzies, but I do not believe they have won [...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — A Contrast in Gold Miners
Myron, link to article confirming the accident at the Macraes Mine. Cheers, Chris[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — A Contrast in Gold Miners
HI Myron, thanks for another great article. Just to update everybody, Oceania had a major cave in at the Macraes mine this weekend. Thankfully noboby was hurt, but the authorities are investigating, so at the speed officals work in NZ, this will stop any a[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — Graphene to the Forefront
Myron, thanks very much for your informative article. I do enjoy reading the writings of both Travis and yourself. The internet has certainly allowed much greater levels of information to be available to investors the world over. I have recently invested [...]

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