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I recently dumped a lot of my money into CRNT (5G backhaul company). Earnings just came out and EPS dropped so everyone freaked and the price went from around $2.20 to $1.81 in a couple days as the news slowly leaked. To me there shouldn’t be any reason why it wouldn’t bounce back to my […]

huge change for arizona company seeing that they played it safe for so long by using very little ingredients making them famous for keeping a price tag of 99 cents a can. recently they have been reserving pace for advertisement right on the can. This 10 million dollar deal is going to drive Dixie stock […]

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great product I fully believe in its capabilities to solve a great issue. BUT they have spent more money on research and development and administrative expenses (3.3 Mil) than they have made in revenue (23K) . I think its going to take some time for them t[...]

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