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Philippine gold

Thanks for your incredible insights over the years. does anyone have anyknowledge about the MASSIVE quantity of Gold, EXCEEDING one million metric tons (and that’s just part of the total asset) that exists and has existed for decades and longer …in the…PHILIPPINES!! what pray tell is your take on this massive asset that BTW is […]


things are happening in the world that, even five years ago would have moved markets SUBSTANTIALLY..and the markets seem to…what?? are they SO manipulated as to be completely irrelevant??…the only way to affect profit seems to be individual equities …on some kind of ”pop” either direction…otherwise the markets appear to be …what?…I’ve heard the story […]

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On The 2017 - 2018 Flu Outbreak: How Bad Is It Really, and What to Do?
Come on people you of ALL people should/cloud be able to understand the concept of following the money.the "banking cartel"or whatever one chooses to call them is VERIFIABLY REAL!!! all the boards of roughly 43000 multinational corporations have a represe[...]
On The 2017 - 2018 Flu Outbreak: How Bad Is It Really, and What to Do?
yes and I suppose if you saw smoke in your backyard you say what??? don't worry go back to sleep!???[...]
On The 2017 - 2018 Flu Outbreak: How Bad Is It Really, and What to Do?
YES..WATCH THE MOVIE "VAXXED" PEOPLE!!! btw if one googles the de bunking of it..guess what...its false.NOOOOOT!![...]
On "This No-Name Company Is Set to Expose the #1 'Deadly Flaw' in Every Single Smartphone and Tablet on the Planet"
does anyone think about the possible health issues?? i sure wouldn't want to be surrounded with MORE electricity than we ALREADY are![...]

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