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K sign miracle from Agora.

Good morning Travis: I just received another email from Agora regarding the K sign fortune maker. I haven’t seen this one before, yet when I got down to the end of it, the date was May 2017, so I must assume that it has been out there for awhile. For $2,000 they claim to give […]

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On "Critical Event Taking Place on April 25" Means 5G Opportunities from "America's Most Arrogant Investor?"
Oh No!!! Is this Brown guy trying to steal Tim Sykes title as the most arrogant? Or was that Blanco I should be thinking of?[...]
On Answered: "'Perfect Storm' Stock Is Set to Deliver Big Pharma a Swift and Devastating DEATHBLOW"
I agree 100% about Blanco. I suspect that he's silly enough to actually believe what he says sometimes. I wonder just how much he has invested in this stock? Might be interesting to find out. Also have to wonder why he's still in this racket. If he ha[...]
On What's being hinted at as Ray Blanco's "1 Stock for a Life-Changing Marijuana Payday?"
Anything to do with Blanco is, of course, subject to be taken with a huge dose of salt. As an aside, currently in Canada there is a shortage of legal pot and its' related substances. No shortage in the black market of course. The Alberta government (for[...]
On Hodge teases: "Get Rich on the Tiny Stock That Will Revolutionize Amazon’s Supply Chain"
I'm 100% with you on anything to do with Nick Hodge. Last time it was MAX, a supposed 20 million ounce gold project. His promotion jacked the price up to $1.20 or so and from there it went down to the low .60 cents if I recall. No information has been f[...]
On What's Altucher's "Social Media Killer" stock?
Some of the promos Altucher has been involved with are borderline insanity. I don't think I would be inclined to waste a nickel on his nonsense. As for the . hairdo...yeccch![...]
On Jason Bond Picks
Really happy to see that you got your money back. I'm up in Canada and I have just been through the government regulations regarding credit cards, and the department that covers that is the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. They do have some very spec[...]
On Jason Bond Picks
Start digging and you will discover a web of some 2,000 pump and dump websites with hundreds of thousands of customers. The henchmen get in first, then out go the email blasts. Customers jack up the price on huge volume...end of story.[...]
On Jason Bond Picks
The $297/Qtr is long gone. Expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000 a year for each service. You're right, they don't need to trade stocks. We figure they are easily clearing $50 million annually just from subscriptions alone...and it's very lik[...]
On Jason Bond Picks
It seems that Petra and her brother are both cut from the same cloth. There is a full rundown of this whole sordid affair if you dig deep enough and as of a couple years ago the owner of the company that Hess took for a sizeable chunk of money was going a[...]
On Jason Bond Picks
You may well be right about a forthcoming bankruptcy, but given that they likely get in the tens of millions of dollars in every year from these extremely overpriced subscriptions I don't see how they can become legitimately bankrupt. Although given their[...]
On Jason Bond Picks
Matt, I am aware of that. My wife and I tried to cancel the auto renew on Biotech Breakouts and it didn't work. Just this past week we tried 17 (seventeen) times to cancel on Option Rocket and that didn't work either. Something is wrong here. Either it[...]
On Jason Bond Picks
Sydney, thank you for this information. Just a few days ago Raging Bull gouged my credit card for another $3999 US for an automatic renewal which I did NOT authorize. Last night my wife and I spent over 12 collective hours checking the web about this sca[...]
On Money and Markets
I guess I must have given these guys some money about a year ago. Didn't realize everything that Weiss & Co. are involved with. The Money & Markets emails are always highly inflammatory and not worth anyone's time. As a newbie about a year and a[...]
On Deciphering Ray Blanco's "Stockchain" pitch about the "Wyoming Stock Exchange"
Hey there yukonjack, I presume you either live in, or are from the Yukon. Spent five years there some time back...incredible country! Like you, I don't think much of Blanco. His picks are less than pathetic, regardless of what it is he's trying to push [...]
On Solving Ray Blanco's "Alzheimer's Disease is Now Completely Treatable" Teaser
It's s shame that Blanco can't be even remotely honest. Yes, it will be fantastic the day that Alzheimer's is beaten, but February 14th of this year isn't going to be that day. Unfortunately, I always equate anything that Blanco says with that big pile o[...]
On "By March 19, 2019 Donald Trump Could 'Reboot' the U.S. Dollar" sez Jim Rickards
Well, this is certainly an interesting discussion. And thank you to everyone who has participated. I should say right up front that I think Rickards is nothing but a blowhard. If his face was wiped off every TV screen he wouldn't be missed. He's entitl[...]
On What's "The H.E.I.S.T. Moneybomb" from Extreme Alpha?
Not much sense in wasting any time over this junk. So, I'll say what I usually say if it comes from Agora. If you want to get sprayed with an ejection from the south end of a cow headed north, just listen to anything that comes out of Agora. It's all ge[...]
On Massengill's Two Picks for the "BIGGEST defense boom in American history"
Another Agora letter. How many do they really need, especially now that practically every one comes with a bone-fide NO REFUND clause. And they're expensive. I don't know Massengill from a hole in the ground, but I have little doubt that he's at about t[...]
On Ray Blanco's "Halo-Fi" -- What's his teased "Death to Cable" stock?
I see a few things that don't quite add up here. Firstly, Ray Blanco is pushing it, therefore I suggest that this is somewhere right around 99% pure B.S. I am already a satellite internet customer here in the western part of Canada. The cost isn't anywh[...]
On "Sig-1" and the Reversal of "79-Year-Old Grandma's Alzheimer's" pitched by Casey
I sincerely hope - along with loads of other folks - that the drug turns out to be a winner. Unfortunately I have a huge distrust of anything that manages to find itself associated with the Blanco name.[...]

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