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Ack! sounds like the end if the world!

I’m new. Signed up to be an irregular. Its a pleasure reading all the articles and discussions. Love the thinkolater! Here’s something that peaked my curiosity. … Fellow Investor, Last year on 60 Minutes, I predicted that KiOR, a prominent alternative-energy company, would collapse before the end of 2014. Intimidated (or displeased) by my bold call, […]

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On The Tao of Recro
yes... as they sit on the beach in the Bahamas drinking their cocktails saying "whew, we only barely dodged that bullet!" nudge nudge wink wink....[...]
On The Tao of Recro
I've always liked this saying: Time might heal all wounds, but it’s a lousy beautician….[...]
On An Auspicious Conversation with Aurinia CEO Stephen Zaruby
$AKAO, ARTH, ESPR, TRVN, HALO, TGTX, ZFGN GNFTF. I have some dry powder and can't help but want to squeeze it into lemonade. I am already long those I've listed.. I'm having trouble making up my mind. Anyone have some opinions on great companies whose pri[...]
On An Auspicious Conversation with Aurinia CEO Stephen Zaruby
$GNFTF Yes! A big KiSS from me too! Been having a twitchy finger to sell- up over a grand... : )[...]
On The Great Gallic Foie Gras Hack
First, I've only recently joined gummie world, right before your recent hiatus, and have enjoyed your articles. I'm looking forward to reading more. Second, Thanks for this little tidbit. I've spent over 10 yrs on Paxil and it was extremely difficult to g[...]
On Microblog: Ack! sounds like the end if the world!
Yes, sorry guys, I'm new to this site, and I'm learning where to post what and how. So give me a break Mr MRTV smarty pants ; P I'm sad enough as it is since I've seemed to come in at a time when great people are bailing from here because of negative comme[...]
On Microblog: KSS Club House for the discussion of Religion, Politics and other Unmentionables Volume 3
Hi Travis and all, Just a note to say I'm a recent subscriber to IRR and really enjoy it. I have devoured Dr. KSS's articles since I joined for 2 reasons: I love reading about stocks. However; almost more importantly than the stock info itself, I have a[...]

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