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Just got sent an update from Oil and Gas bulletin about this mining Junior. See excerpts below: That’s why I think Lithium-X (LIX-TSXv) is the stock to own for the Big Leverage to the lithium space. When I see the track record of Chairman Paul Matysek and financier Frank Giustra packed inside a $16 million […]

I am currently subscribed to Nick Hodge’s newsletter (getting out soon though) and one of his most recent email blasts was about the upcoming export boom in LNG. Any thoughts?

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On What's Basenese's $3 "Buy LEO" Pitch About?

I don't subscribe to this particular newsletter so how can I access the whole pitch in its entirety?[...]

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On Shooing the Blues Away: How Should Depression Be Managed?

Ketamine is showing promise as a cure: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/a-one-time-party-drug-is-helping-people-with-deep-depression/2016/02/01/d3e73862-b490-11e5-a76a-0b5145e8679a_story.html[...]

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On Irregulars Annual Review

Hi Travis, GMLP was recently profiled in OIl and Gas investments - can you care to comment on it? Looks interesting.[...]

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On What's the "Pyramus Compound" and the "black goo" fake oil pitched by JR Crooks?

Just do a site search - Kent is mostly referring to solar energy[...]

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On Friday File: "The Historic Opening of an Oil Bull Market Bigger Than Texas"

Dec 15: ROE managed to grab 3 leases. http://www.reuters.com/article/mexico-oil-idUSL1N14427320151216[...]

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On Microblog: What to Do: Altius (ATUSF) at 5 year lows!

Altius is subject to the commodities cycle so nobody knows when how/when that will play out.[...]

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On Revealed: "The Fifth Greatest Trade of All Time" (Oxford Resource Explorer)

Do thy have a terminal nor the permission to build one yet? That's going to be the major stumbling block.[...]

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