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On Microblog: Sjuggerud's Melt-up update
I signed up for the meltup portfolio and kept it separate in my Stock Charts groups. It did well for a short time after issue, but has been pretty ordinary over the long haul. I have subscribed to several expensive "services", and they all suck. Stock [...]
On Friday File: Blanco's "Alzheimer's Disease is Completely Treatable" pitch for the "Revolutionary 'TREM-2 Repair' Protocol"
Suggested reading; The End of Alzheimers; by Dale Bredison, M. D. Neurologist[...]
On "Kings of Canadian Cannabis" -- Michael Robinson's "$2,000,000 By This Time Next Year" Marijuana Teaser
The marijuana stock pushers never talk about the drug--- Recreational marijuana carries the same intoxication risks as alcohol. It has about a ten percent risk of addiction. It lowers IQ. It destroys initiative and creativity. It shortens telomeres; an[...]
On Friday File: Diving into another Marijuana teaser, plus several add-on buys
Recreational marijuana carries the same intoxication risk as alcohol. There is about a ten percent addiction rate. It lowers IQ. It destroys initiative. It shortens telomeres, and when they lose enough length, you die. What's not to like!!![...]
On Alzheimer’s Disease 2018: The Lay of the Land
Refer to book: End of Alzheimers; author Dale Bredesen, M. D. (Neurologist) The presentation is logical and believable. Excellent read.[...]
On Mengel's pitching the "Apple of Pot" and the "Silicon Valley of Pot" -- what's this "secret" investment?
Hi, Diane If you will read again, I spoke only about cannabinol; not cannabidiol (the medical marijuana.) I'm an MD. I have treated all of the problems.. Your liver is treatable. Your addictions are all treatable. Your loss of intellect is not treat[...]
On Mengel's pitching the "Apple of Pot" and the "Silicon Valley of Pot" -- what's this "secret" investment?
Apple of Pot? Two comments-- 1. Pot grows really, really well. Anyone can do it, and in Oregon there is a surplus; prices are dropping. Pot will quickly become just another ag crop, with all the attendant risks and downsides. 2. Cannabis (not cannab[...]
On What the heck is "NanoCrystal Electricity?" Will it "Magically Power Everything" and "pay out 78 times your money?"
Nobody is looking at the health aspect of filling your house with microwave electric power. If living under high voltage transmission lines is dangerous, and prolonged use of cellphones has been tied to cancer of jaw and ear, count me out![...]
On Lichtenfeld: “I See a 4,150% Earnings Setup in This $6 Biotech”
Mark Lichtenfeld has a new promotion out--describing a "94 year old inventor" as coming up with a great moneymaker. Anyone????[...]
On What is "The Almost Perfect Stock?"
Lou James just touted a "small, well run mining company"; presumably gold--Any ideas, anyone??[...]
On What is Frank Curzio's "$10,000 Pill" Stock?
Any information on Curzio's pick of tiny company that won patent suit vs Google???[...]

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