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On Friday File: Pot Dividend Surges, plus thoughts on gold and "bargains"
I sold half my position when I got to 100% over cost basis. That was before the dividend hike and now I regret it. I'm now at 227% and am hoping you are right about $200 a share. But even if it goes to zero I'm playing with their money now.[...]
On Friday File: Stop Losses and Big Quarters
Rather than gamble on specific marijuana stocks, which I don't trust at all, I purchased the ETF Alternative Harvest (MJ). In the short time I have had it it's up over 13% and it pays a .07 dividend (2.05% yield).[...]
On "Amazon 2.0" -- Can you "Grab Shares of Flipkart BEFORE its $21 Billion IPO?"
No mention of an opinion regarding Walmart as a smart investment at this time, so I'm guessing no one thinks so.[...]
On "Amazon 2.0" -- Can you "Grab Shares of Flipkart BEFORE its $21 Billion IPO?"
I had basically the same experience, but held the subscription for a year. I got one or two tips I thought were good and I made a little money on, but basically not one of the better investment newsletters I was getting at the time.[...]
On Friday File: Another Netflix Wanna-be, plus BOMN and NVDA updates
Are there some good ETF's out there focusing on India's economy and market?[...]
On Navellier's "The World’s First Solar Monopoly"
Travis has often mentioned that in this particular climate he likes to keep more cash on hand, presumably for buying opportunities that may occur. I was wondering, as a rule of thumb, what is a good percentage of your portfolio to hold in cash, both durin[...]
On Friday File: Catching up with that "Motley Fool Conviction Buy", plus thoughts on AIG and Berkshire
Excuse me, that was a typo. My SHOP is up 45% since January, not 85%.[...]
On Friday File: Catching up with that "Motley Fool Conviction Buy", plus thoughts on AIG and Berkshire
I bought Shopify in January and it is up 85% since then. I don't think it's done. I would exercise the option.[...]
On "If you want to ride a 13¢ oil stock to $1.61, now’s the time to do it" (Czeschin)
Folks, you really need to read the whole story before you rush off to buy the stock.[...]
On Microblog: Berkshire Hathaway’s Biggest Question
Super article. Clear, concise, and easily understandable. Hope to see more of this guest submitter when appropriate.[...]
On "I’ve Found a Small Tech Stock That Will Triple Your Money in the Next 24 Months"
I bought AFOP in January and its up about 35% since then.[...]
On Microblog: Paradise Gained, Paradise Lost, Part One
I truly enjoyed the story so far, Jim. Looking forward to "Lost".[...]
On 2013 Turkey of the Year: Dry Holes in the Ocean
Until I found Stock Gumshoe, I fell for a lot of these teasers. Some did well, most didn't, and I spent a goodly amount on the associated newsletter subscriptions you had to buy to get the stock name and symbol. So, I owe a great deal to SG and quickly m[...]
On "Once You Grab Your First Payday, You’ll Never Put Your Money in a CD Again"
I bought PSEC on August 29 and over that time it is up 4.47%, but I own it for the dividend yield, not the price performance. As long as they can keep paying their dividend I'm fine with them.[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — The ABC's of Gold Investing
Thanks, Myron! I truly enjoyed your article and the education that came with it![...]
On This one isn't about investing at all ...
On "Safest Stocks to Own for the Next Six (Crazy) Years" from Dittman's Canadian Edge
What are the "pink sheets"?[...]

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