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Nano-Dots: A “Miracle of Modern Science”

Any ideas about this new Elon Mush bashing stock? ”The moment I hear from you, you’ll have immediate access to our special report, ”Nano-Dots, Mega-Profits: Banking Up to 4,600% from Tesla’s Demise,” featuring the $0.15 tech company with exclusive rights to this tech.” what else you can expect by joining The Cutting Edge… 52 Weekly […]

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On Friday File: My "Top Ten," plus Some Adventures in Shorting and A Check-in on Gold Royalties
What ARE the kernw SHARES? What is the fine print on the warrant?[...]
On Friday File: Checking in on a "Smart" Fund
Did anyone reply to this? I'm interested also.[...]
On What's being hinted at as Ray Blanco's "1 Stock for a Life-Changing Marijuana Payday?"
One such stock is Canopy Rivers CNPOF - trades around 2.75 to 3.00[...]
On Chris Wood's "Tiny Disruptor" in 5G teased for "Project 5X"
Since you said you liked royalties, there is a cannabis stock that is being touted as going public in May and it already has contracts for its produce with the main players in which it will get 22 cents royalty on each kg of product provided.... that's be[...]
On Microblog: 2019 CANNABIS IPO's to offer investors biggest opportunity in our lifetime.
I also encourage Travis to help us make some money with these IPOs. I'm sure the Thinkolator is up to the tasks![...]
On "Top Stock Under $3?" What's Carr's teased "America's #1 Pot Stock?"
As long as we are asking about some stocks... Can anyone point me to information for this company and somewhere to determine how it's warrants work? I'm talking about The Hydropothecary Corporation. They have warrants being traded as The Hydropothecary [...]
On What's Mampilly's "1 Pot Company" with revenue "expected to surge 3,988%?"
The best newsletter evaluation service is right here!!! Become an irregular and get all the needed info on the teasers. Gumshoe is certainly my savior![...]
On Microblog: 420 Investors
You can try they have an IPO menu item. Also Seeking Alpha has an IPO section, and of course there is Cannabis profits daily website.[...]
On What's the $6 Stock Pitched by Jeff Brown for the "#1 Tech Pick of the Decade: The 'C-V2X' Revolution?"
I think you have a typo because the first paragraph talks about Qualcom and you provided the symbol as QXOM (more like Exxon)[...]
On "How Did a Tiny, $20 Million Startup Make Tesla’s Entire Product Line Obsolete?" -- What's the tiny electric motor stock teased by Alex Koyfman?
If we are advancing the notion that Tesla is going to be absolete in a few years, then maybe we should be tracking alternative engines and energies, like FCEL --- liquid hydrogen fuel cells, or the new technology from an Israeli firm, Phinergy: The Israeli[...]
On Microblog: Ray Blanco. “…Like getting in BEFORE the first legal pot brownie hit the shelf in Colorado.”
Yes, the name of the stock he is recommending is Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings, Inc. (AJRD) -- went up over 10 points in the past week or so.[...]
On Microblog: The Pittsburgh Project (Experiment)
I investigated that information regarding the Pittsburgh Project and came upon the company that may go public. It's called Aurora Innovation, founded in 2016. Here's some links: Aurora Innovation, Inc We do self-driving cars. Ou[...]
On Casey's "5 Tiny 'Pot' Stocks Set to Soar in 2018 Pot Boom" teased in "Become a Marijuana Millionaire in 2018"
What about the 5 stocks that Money Morning -- nova X report is pushing. It sounds like KSHB ABD cbwth AND TWMJF -- i THINK number 4 is IIPR any thoughts on number 5? What about his hot Canadian stocks?[...]
On Casey's "5 Tiny 'Pot' Stocks Set to Soar in 2018 Pot Boom" teased in "Become a Marijuana Millionaire in 2018"
Why are you here? All you seem to do is put people and things down.... Sorry I like things helping people in going up!!! Investments and friends![...]
On Casey's "5 Tiny 'Pot' Stocks Set to Soar in 2018 Pot Boom" teased in "Become a Marijuana Millionaire in 2018"
I like your candor on these stocks -- I figured some of them out on my own, but missed GRWG. Anyway, while I was evaluating I saw that IIPR has a 9% Cumulative Perferred Stock out there. Based on your growth comments, I felt it was better to buy the Cum,[...]
On "Dividend Superstations: Network of money-payout machines is quietly being developing in all 50 states"
Thanks for the analysis.... Great job as usual. I thought it might be mentioning a REIT, but I thought he knew of a new one being organized specifically for Tesla.[...]
On Microblog: Bonner's new tease: 'Self-Driving Cars: The Single Best Way to Profit This Year' and 'How to Get Rich on Tesla’s Gigafactory —Without Buying Tesla.'
I found this out s we may be chasing the wrong named stock, but correct current unit! Delphi to split into Aptiv and Delphi Tech. The split will follow a series of moves, partnerships, acquisitions and agreements with technology companies this year. Delp[...]
On Microblog: Bonner's new tease: 'Self-Driving Cars: The Single Best Way to Profit This Year' and 'How to Get Rich on Tesla’s Gigafactory —Without Buying Tesla.'
No one is talking about what Intel (Mobileye) connection will do to this budding industrial change..... I wouldn't count them out of this industry![...]
On Microblog: True Alpha - ...The $11.1 Trillion Trump Retirement Roadmap…
Hard to believe that nobody has mentioned any of the stocks that are teased in this "roadmap" since Jan 15, 2017 ---- Hey Travis, help us out here, Please.....[...]
On Microblog: Nano-Dots: A "Miracle of Modern Science"
QTMM -- OTC (US) today (2/13/17) 0.14 per share Thanks for the suggestion, above Travis.[...]

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